Sammamish Unified Development Code

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shall equal an amount sufficient to create an amount of affordable housing equal to or greater than what would have otherwise been provided if the affordable housing had been provided on site. b. Timing of Payment. In lieu-fees shall be paid at the time a building permit is issued for the development. c. Alternative to Cash. At the discretion of the City council (or director), where a developer is authorized to pay a fee in lieu of development, an irrevocable dedication of land or other nonmonetary contribution of a value not less than the sum of the otherwise required in-lieu fee may be accepted as an alternative to paying the in-lieu fee if it is determined that the nonmonetary contribution will be effectual in furthering the goals and policies of the housing element and this chapter. The valuation of any land offered in lieu shall be determined by an (MAI) appraisal made by an agent agreed upon by the City. Costs associated with the appraisal shall be borne by the developer. d. Deposit of Fees. All in-lieu fees collected hereunder shall be deposited in a housing trust fund. The fund shall be administered by the City and shall be used only for the purpose of providing funding assistance for the provision of affordable housing and reasonable costs of administration consistent with the policies and programs contained in the housing element of the general plan. e. Use of Fees. The location of affordable housing funded wholly or in part with cash payments shall be prioritized in the following order: i. within the Sammamish Town Center; ii. in the City within one-half mile of transit

service; and iii. if no local project, resources may be redirected to ARCH Housing Trust Fund.

C. Modifications to dimensional standards

The following requirements of the Town Center development code may be modified to accommodate residential bonus units. These modifications may not be used to accommodate the units resulting from the base density:

1. Parking Requirement.

An applicant may request a modification of the minimum required number of parking spaces by providing a study that substantiates parking demand can be met with a reduced parking requirement in a manner consistent with the goals and policies of the applicable regional transportation plan. Said study shall be prepared by a qualified professional transportation planner or engineer approved by the director.

2. Structure Height.

Maximum height for structures containing affordable housing units may be increased by one story in the TC-A and TC-B zones consistent with setback requirements in SDC 21.07.060. Maximum structure height may not be modified through this provision for any portion of a structure that is adjoining a TC-C, D or E zone.

D. Alternative compliance

1. General.

The director may approve a request for satisfying all or part of the affordable housing requirements with

Effective | January 1, 2022

Title 21: Sammamish Development Code | 557

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