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21.07.110 Development Standards—Interim Stormwater Standards A. Purpose and intent Low impact development (LID) is an approach to land use planning and project design that seeks to: 1. Increase the ability of a developed site to effectively emulate predevelopment hydrologic conditions, including, without limitation, stormwater retention, water quality treatment, and infiltration functions;

within the Town Center shall comply with the requirements of this chapter. 2. The City shall not approve any permit or otherwise issue any authorization to alter the condition of any land, water or vegetation or to construct or alter any structure or improvement without first assuring compliance with the requirements of this chapter. 3. Approval of a development proposal pursuant to the provisions of this chapter does not discharge the obligation of the applicant to comply with the provisions of this chapter.

2. Minimize overland stormwater runoff from a developed site;

C. Town Center interim stormwater standards adopted

3. Maximize the retention of trees, native vegetation, understory plants, and native soils;

1. Stormwater standards in the Town Center shall be in accordance with the adopted Surface Water Design Manual and Sammamish Addendum. 2. The City is hereby authorized, subject to the review provisions of SDC 21.07.110D., to modify the stormwater requirements, standards, and specifications.

4. Minimize soil disturbance;

5. Minimize the conversion of site surfaces from vegetated to nonvegetated surfaces; and 6. Maximize the quantity and use of appropriate native plants on site. The purpose of this chapter is to require that development proposals within the Town Center sub-area fully incorporate the interim stormwater standards and low impact development into all aspects of project design.

D. Review and appeal

1. Process.

The use of the stormwater standards and specifications, along with applicable low impact development design, shall be reviewed concurrently with a primary proposal to consider the proposed site plan and methods used to earn the incentives as follows: a. For the purpose of this section, a “primary proposal” is defined as a proposed unified zone development plan,

B. Applicability

1. The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all land uses in the City of Sammamish Town Center zones, and all persons

564 | Title 21: Sammamish Development Code

Effective | January 1, 2022

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