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21.08.050 Impact Fee Deferral A. Purpose

b. The closing of the first sale of the property occurring after the issuance of the applicable building permit; which request shall be granted so long as the requirements of this chapter are satisfied.

The purpose of this chapter is to comply with the requirements of RCW 82.02.050, as amended by ESB 5923, Chapter 241, Laws of 2015, to provide an impact fee deferral process for single-family residential construction, in order to promote economic recovery in the construction industry.

2. Method of Request.

A request for impact fee deferral shall be declared at the time of preliminary plat application (for platted development) or building permit application (for nonplatted development) in writing on a form or forms provided by the City. Any request for impact fee deferral must be accompanied by an administrative fee in an amount equal to one hour at the City’s hourly rate for planning as stated in the City’s current fee schedule.

B. Applicability

1. The provisions of this chapter shall apply to all impact fees established and adopted by the City pursuant to Chapter 82.02 RCW, including street impact fees assessed under SDC 21.08.030, impact fees for parks and recreational facilities assessed under SDC 21.08.040, and school impact fees assessed under SDC 21.09.090. 2. Subject to the limitations imposed in SDC 21.08.050F., the provisions of this chapter shall apply to all building permit applications for single-family detached and single-family attached residential construction. For the purposes of this chapter, an “applicant” includes an entity that controls the named applicant, is controlled by the named applicant, or is under common control with the named applicant.

3. Calculation of Impact Fees.

The amount of impact fees to be deferred under this chapter shall be determined as of the date the request for deferral is submitted.

D. Deferral term

The term of an impact fee deferral granted under this chapter may not exceed 18 months from the date the building permit is issued (“deferral term”). If the condition triggering payment of the deferred impact fees does not occur prior to the expiration of the deferral term, then full payment of the impact fees shall be due on the last date of the deferral term.

C. Impact fee deferral

1. Deferral Request Authorized. Applicants for single-family attached or single-family detached residential building permits may request to defer payment of required impact fees until the sooner of:

a. Final inspection; or

604 | Title 21: Sammamish Development Code

Effective | January 1, 2022

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