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J. Applications—Modifications to proposal

platform. The City may provide a platform for use by applicants to provide regular updates to applicants during site development and construction. Applicants must provide updates at least weekly. c. Notice boards shall be maintained in the same manner as identified in subsection 6. of this section; d. Notice boards shall remain in place until final construction approval is granted. Early removal of the notice board may preclude authorization of final construction approval.

1. Modifications required by the City to a pending application shall not be deemed a new application. 2. An applicant-requested modification occurring either before or after issuance of the permit shall be deemed a new application when such modification would result in a substantial change in a project’s review requirements, as determined by the department. 3. A change to any of the following shall constitute a substantial change and require a new application unless waived by the Director. Percentages indicate the degree of change that requires a new application and where no percentages are listed any change requires a new application:



1. Applications for Type 1, 2, 3 and 4 land use decisions, except those that seek variance from or exception to land use regulations and substantive and procedural SEPA decisions shall be considered under the zoning and other land use control ordinances in effect on the date a complete application is filed meeting all of the requirements of this chapter. The department’s issuance of a notice of complete application as provided in this chapter, or the failure of the department to provide such a notice as provided in this chapter, shall cause an application to be conclusively deemed to be vested as provided herein. 2. Supplemental information required after vesting of a complete application shall not affect the validity of the vesting for such application. 3. Vesting of an application does not vest any subsequently required permits, nor does it affect the requirements for vesting of subsequent permits or approvals.

a. An increase in the number of dwelling units (5%)

b. An increase in building square footage for non- residential projects (5%)

c. Changes to building setbacks (10%)

d. Increase in building height (5%)

e. Additional encroachment into critical areas or buffers

f. An increase in the number of parking stalls (5%)

g. Any proposal requesting a variance or wavier from development standards h. Modifications to the amount of proposed open space (5%)

Effective | January 1, 2022

Title 21: Sammamish Development Code | 629

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