Sammamish Unified Development Code

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F. Special requirements

shall be left in a safe and sanitary condition, including, but not limited to, the following: the sanitary sewer connection, if one exists, shall be plugged and marked; the water meter shall be removed and the line satisfactorily capped and marked; the electrical and telephone lines removed; all wells shall be capped or filled; and all trash shall be removed therefrom to the satisfaction of the building official.

1. Escort. The housemover shall provide at least two escorts for the purpose of regulating traffic along the route such building is being moved; provided, that any such escorts shall be at the expense of the housemover. The building official shall approve the route selected. 2. Time. The City shall designate the time of the movement. Every such permit shall become and be void unless such removal shall be completed and the building removed from the public right-of-way within the time specified in the application for such permit; provided, however, that the City may extend such time when the moving of any building is rendered impractical by reason of inclemency of the weather or other causes not within the control of the housemover. If more than one day will be required to move the building, the building official shall designate where the building shall be located when not being moved. 3. Lights. No person moving any building over, upon, along, or across any public street shall fail, neglect, or refuse to keep a red light (or such other devices as the City may require) at all times at each corner of such building and at the end of any projection thereon while the same is located in or upon any public street. 4. Notice to Utilities. Before any building shall be moved the housemover shall give written notice to the public utilities or agencies designated in the application not less than three days in advance of the proposed move. 5. Condition of Lot. After the completion of any move the area or lot upon which the structure was formerly located

G. Permit refused—When

The building official shall not issue a permit if it is found that:

1. Any application requirement or any fee or deposit requirement has not been complied with; 2. The building is too large to move without endangering persons or property in the City; 3. The building is in such a state of deterioration or disrepair or is otherwise so structurally unsafe that it could not be moved without endangering persons and property in the City; 4. The building is structurally unsafe or unfit for the purpose for which moved, if the removal location is in the City; 5. The applicant’s equipment is unsafe and that persons and property would be endangered by its use; 6. Zoning or other ordinances would be violated by the building in its new location; 7. The applicant has not furnished proof that all affected public and private utilities, including those with electricity,

678 | Title 21: Sammamish Development Code

Effective | January 1, 2022

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