King's Business - 1959-07

Reader Reaction

LOCAL LIBRARY USES K.B. We take and enjoy the K i n g ’ s B u s in e s s magazine so much. I believe it gets better every month. I have found a new avenue of testimony for the KB. Our branch of the public library is willing to put it on their shelves if we donate our copy, which we are going to do this month. Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Gross, Manhattan Bch., Calif. E d it o r ’ s N o t e : Limited numbers of the K i n g ’ s B u s in e s s are available for place­ ment in local public libraries as a ministry. Please have your librarian write directly to us for this service. MUSIC COLUMN ENJOYED The K i n g ’ s B u s in e s s magazine means so much to me. I wish every Christian could take it. I am so pleased with Ralph Carmichael’s column. I know what it means to witness with music. I get such a blessing from it, letting my fingers talk on the piano. Mrs. Anna L. Harmes, Huntington Park, Calif. RENEWAL REMINDER APPRECIATED Thanks for reminding me time had come for renewal. I was going to write and tell you how much I enjoy the new magazine. May the Lord bless you as your business blesses us. I enjoy the Bible outlines. These help us study the Bible. Why not start with Genesis and go through the Bible? Mrs. Marlon E. Snell, Marshalltown, Iowa E d it o r ’ s N o t e : A good idea. Perhaps this could be done. We shall prayerfully con­ sider the matter. RENEWS SUBSCRIPTION I thought I couldn’t afford to renew my subscription to the K i n g ’ s B u s in e s s , but today when my last copy arrived it seems we can’t get on without it. M y husband has given me some of his birthday gift to renew my subscription, so here it is. May He meet all your needs and be glorified through all your activities as you “ occupy” until hie comes. Mrs. Fred H. McKenrick, Clermont, Florida E d it o r ’ s N o t e : The McKendricJcs live at the Africa Inland Mission’s Community for Retired Missionaries. Wouldn’t the K i n g ’ s B u s in e s s be the ideal gift for some missionary friend of yours? FIVE-YEAR MEMBER I have been a subscriber to the K ing ’ s B usiness for 30 years, and I look forward to it every month. Your “ Question Box” by Dr. Talbot is the first thing I look for. About five years ago there was a special price on the magazine and so mine runs out in 1960. As I am 76 years old and in very poor health, perhaps I will be in my mansion above by that time. M y magazine goes to two friends of mine when I am through with it, and then their son-in-law, who is a S.S. superintendent gets it next. I thought you would like to know that the

BRINGS BACK MEMORIES Regarding your item in the May issue about previous editors of the K i n g ’ s B u s i ­ n e s s : you listed the first editor as J. H. Sammis. I wonder if your readers are aware that he was the writer of such well- known songs as “ Trust and Obey” ? In the “ early days” my father and Mr. Sammis conducted many gospel meetings together, both at BIOLA and in many other churches and missions . . . particularly street meetings. That was in the days when there were no microphones or loud­ speakers, and my father’s big booming voice came in real handy! Your mention­ ing the name Sammis brought back nostal­ gic memories to me. Phil Kerr, Glendale, Calif. E d it o r ’ s N o t e : We contacted Phil Kerr for any pictures he might have of Mr. Sammis and his father. None were avail­ able. Perhaps some reader might have some. If so, we would appreciate receiving them. M ISSIONARY WRITES Ever since BIOLA days I have enjoyed reading the K i n g ’ s B u s in e s s , but never so much as recently. The magazine has been filled with articles that have proved to be both inspirational and thought provoking. I can honestly say that I eagerly look for­ ward to each copy that keeps up the ties of my beloved alma mater and serves as a real blessing to my heart and life. I espe­ cially enjoyed “The Vision that Made BIOLA Great.” Miss Joan Collett, Brazil, South America APPRECIATION OF PUBLISHER I just went through the last issue of the K i n g ’ s B u s in e s s . I want to compliment you and your entire staff on a most attrac­ tive, appealing magazine. P. J. Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan EDITORIAL STATEMENT FOR AUTHORS The policy of the KING'S ", BUSINESS magazine regard- f ing unsolicited manuscripts, ■I including prose and poetry, !; is to review each one ac- ii |l cording to current ne ed s “ >\ and individual merit. Au- v thors should p a r t i c u l a r l y i d e n t i f y themselves when !; writing as to their church j! affiliation . Please enclose ? a s t amp e d self-addressed • [ envelope if return of mater- !! ial is desired. The KING 'S " B U S I N E S S cannot accept responsibility for l os s , or damage to unsolicited manu­ scripts mailed to us for con- " sideration. ¡> !. i* •

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C A L 1 F 0 R N 1 A Chico ............. 8:30 A.M. KH SL 1290 kc Fresno (Dinuba) 9:30 A.M. KRDU 1240 kc Lodi ........... 8:30/A.M. KC VR 1570 kc LOS ANG ELES Burbank ...... 8:30 A.M. KB LA 1490 kc Inglewood 8:30 A.M. K T Y M 1460 kc Ontario ... 8:30 A.M. KA SK 1510 kc Tijuana ...... 9:30 A.M. XEM O 860 kc Long Bch. (Dr. Talbot daily) ....... 11:00 A.M. KGER 1390 kc Marysville (Yuba City).... 8:30 A.M. K M Y C 1410 kc Napa .............. 9:30 A.M. KV O N 1440 kc Oakland ........... 9:30 A.M. KW BR 1310 kc Oxnard (Ventura Sta. Bbra.) .... 8:30 A.M. K O XR 910 kc Redding .......... 8:30 A.M. K V C V 600 kc Santa Cruz ..... 8:30 A.M. KSCO 1080 kc San Diego ...... 9:30 A.M. XEM O 860 kc San Francisco ... 8:30 A.M. KEAR-FM 97.3 me 9:30 A.M. KW BR 1310 kc 9:00 P.M. KGO 810 kc Turlock ........... 8:30 A.M. KTU R 1390 kc W asco .............. 8:30 A.M. KW SO 1050 kc (Dr. Talbot daily) ........ 9:30 A.M . KW SO 1050 kc

O R E G O N 8:30 A.M. K W IL

Albany ............

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Coquille (Coos Bay) ... 8:30 A.M. KW RO 630 kc Eugene ............. 8:00 A.M. KASH 1600 kc Forest Grove ... 8:30 A.M. KRW C 1570 kc Portland ........... 2:00 Noon KPDQ 800 kc Salem .............. 8:30 A.M. KSLM 1390 kc


Bellingham (Sun. only) ... 3:00 P.M. KPUG 1170 kc Chehalis (Centralia) .... 8:30 A.M. K ELA 1470 kc Seattle ............. 9:30 P.M. KIRO 710 kc (Tu., Th., Sat.) 1:00 A.M. KGDN 630 kc Spokane ........... 8:30 A.M. KPEG 1380 kc Tacoma ........... 8:30 A.M. KTAC 850 kc W alla W alla .... 8:00 A.M. KTEL 1490 kc

0 T H E R S T A T E S Pueblo, Colorado 8:30 A.M. KFEL

970 kc

Belgrade, M ontana ..... *. 8:00 A.M. KGVW 630 kc Honolulu, Hawaii 7:30 A.M. K A IM 870 kc

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magazine is doing a good work. M iss Bess L. McKelvey, Wexford, Pa.



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