Huda School 30th Annual Fundraiser & Student Performances


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He who treads the path in search of knowledge, Allah will ease for him his path towards Paradise.

- Prophet Muhammed (SAW)


Huda School & Mont essor i 2019 Annual Fundraiser & St udent Per f ormances Sunday, December 8, 2019 Masters of Ceremony: The 2019-2020 Eighth Grade Class Registrat ion & Dhuhr Prayer Quran and Welcome Remarks Board of Trustees Chairperson Dr. Mamdouh Abdulrazzak Hadith Children's Performance Part I Execut ive Commit tee Board Remarks Children's Performance Part II Lunch Pr incipal Mrs. Helmy Remarks PTO Remarks Assistant Pr incipals Mrs. Lawal & Ms. Saleh Remarks Children's Performance Part III Fundraising Children's Performance Part IV Ending Duaa & Closing Asr Prayer


Dear HudaFamiliesand Staff, Asalamu Alaikum,

It is that t ime of the year again when we gather together to celebrate another year of successof HudaSchool, an inst itut ion we have all built together over the last 30 years, and at the same t ime renew our commitment to help it grow and prosper for many more years to come inshallah. The HudaSchool Board of Trustees isproud of our school?s academic excellence and st rong Islamic principles. Thanks to our students, teachers, office staff, and leaders from the administ rat ion and governing boards, and of course a huge thank you to our wonderful community. The enrollment in the school hassteadily grown in the last few years. The number of students this year is the best in the history of Huda, Alhamdulilah.We realize that our community has other schooling opt ionsand choosing& t rust ing us isa big honor that we are so proud of, and we renew our pledge to do the best we can to meet & even exceed your expectat ions. This isHuda?s tenth year of offering the Internat ional Baccalaureate program to Middle School students.We have seen the fruitsof IB in the classroom in advancing students?understanding of various conceptsand the connect ionsbetween them.Our Quranic, Arabic, and Islamic StudiesDepartment have been working hard to enhance our student?s Islamic knowledgewith special focuson building character with high social and moral Islamic standard. Four yearsago, we also launched HudaSchool?sEndowment Fund.With the help of Allah, who hasblessed this school with a generous community and good market performance over last few years, the fund hasgrown substant ially in a relat ively short t ime. Asyou may remember, this fund was set up with the goal to ensure the school?s long term financial stability and constant ly advancing itsquality of service. Please consider cont ribut ing to such good form of Sadaqa-e-Jariah InshAllah. This year, we have another very excit ing development to share with everyone. Asmost of you have already heard, we were able to acquire another school building on Middlebelt Road.We areworking diligent ly with the administ rat ion by making plans for the future growth and expansion of our middle school and also finally fulfill our dream of start ing a high school to bet ter serve our community?seducat ional needs. As you can imagine, this isa very special project and will require careful planning to make sure that it livesup to the expectat ionsof our studentsand community.Wewill keep you posted with the progressand look forward to your ongoing support and guidance. Last but not least , the Board of Trusteeswould like to thank the school PTO and volunteers in general for their hard work and priceless cont ribut ion to the school. JazakumAllah Khaira. Thank you for your t rust & support , HudaSchool Board of Trustees


Assalaam Alaikum Huda School Community Members, It is with great pleasure that the Huda School Executive Committee welcomes you to the Annual Huda School Fundraising Dinner. Alhumdulliah, this event marks Huda School?s rich history of facilitating the opportunity for academic, personal, and spiritual growth for hundreds of children for over 30 years, MashaAllah! Huda School is considered a trail-blazing school - Alhumdulliah it serves as an example of an Islamic School that has the ability to cultivate future leaders with a strong foundation in education and deen. All of this would not have been possible without the blessings of Allah (SWT) and all of you. You are the backbone and strength of Huda School and we come to you annually in hopes that you will continue to generously support the school as you have done so in the past. As the Executive Committee, we advise on and oversee all operations regarding Huda School alongside the amazing Huda School Administration and the highly respected Board of Trustees. Please be assured that we take our role and its impact on the success of all Huda School stakeholders very seriously and very close to our hearts. Thank you for your continued support of our great school. Please donate generously and help us elevate Huda School to higher levels than ever expected! We thank you for your time, your duas, and your continued support. Jazakullah Khair. Huda School Executive Committee: Fareeha Shuttari

Melaka Dabliz Asif Movania Ismail Haydin Muqsid Syed Muhammad Alam


Dear Beloved Huda Family, Asalamu alaikum,

Welcome to our 2019 Annual Fundraiser and Student Performances! We are honored to have you here today as we celebrate Huda School?s 30 years of pursuit of excellence. Huda's students are our future leaders - our youth are taught to encompass the skills and character necessary to be successful Muslim-Americans. In combination with rigorous academics, Islamic principles, and community service, Huda students are well-equipped to enact our motto of Dream, Believe, Achieve and Serve throughout their school career and beyond. The mission of Huda School is to inspire academic excellence, develop caring and responsible Muslim Americans citizens, and cultivate intercultural understanding and respect. Our highly qualified and caring staff work hard to guide our Huda students to reach their highest potential. Students are taught to use higher-order thinking skills and apply their knowledge to the real world - skills highly necessary in today's society. Outstanding character is emphasized and infused throughout the curricula. We know that our success is, first and foremost, from Allah (SWT). In combination with the effort inputted by teachers and students, our parents' and community's involvement help propel our students' success upwards and forwards. As a team working together in all aspects of our students' school life, the community, parents, and school will provide a lasting effect on the education of our future leaders. We know a strong financial partnership with you will make a great difference in our students' education. Please join me in recommitting your financial support to Huda School. With the addition of the new campus in Farmington Hills, we are looking forward to expanding and reaching greater heights. Your continued financial support helps expand and enhance the quality of our programming and together we can ensure its growth and success. Jazakallah Khair, Mona Helmy Principal of Huda School


THEHUDA COMMUNITY... Over the last 4 months, our students have participated in countless activities... - The students collaborated with the Franklin Church for the Peanut Butter & Jelly Drive. - Students participated in assemblies and character-ed themed initiatives. - 8th Graders led House meetings and activities. - Students earned points for their House through acts of kindness and responsibility. - Students participated in the Bucket Filling theme this year through writing stories and filling each other 's buckets with kindness. - National Junior Honor Society led a Winter Clothing Drive. - We celebrated the life of our Prophet s.a.w. by learning about his life, work, and message. Our students participated in the Salawat Project - students were encouraged to recite 700 salawat throughout the month. - Students infused character throughout their daily lives and were nominated for Huda's Heroes. - Clubs and sport teams in Huda School included cross-country, reading, crafts, volleyball, jump rope, floor hockey, basketball, soccer, and coding.


- The first quarterly Students of the Month were celebrated at an after-school pizza dinner. - The students and their families watched monthly Bedtime stories on Huda School Facebook Live. These stories were read by the principal to encourage reading at home. - The first Literacy Night took place in October - interactive literacy activities for parents and their children. - The students and their families prayed Fajr together at Huda - inshAllah one of many occurrences. - Students participated in Science Field Day. - Parents participated in a Restorative Practices Parent Night.


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