Curling is the life for Marion Cochrane


If anyone ever wants to find Marion Co- chrane, the first place they need to look is at the Russell Curling Club. At 84, Cochrane is the oldest active curler in the club. And when she says she is active, she means it. She will let nothing stop her from enjoying her sport, though she will admit that age might be forcing one or two adjustments to her technique. «I use a (curling) stick now,» she said, smiling. «It’s big out west.» The stick lets her continue to throw rocks on the rink without having to crouch down. She can still do a proper curler’s crouch- and-throw but she concedes that getting back to her feet againmight prove a bit more difficult. So she adjusts. She will do whatever she needs to do to keep on curling as she has done for the past 50 years or more. «I don’t really remember exactly when I started,» Cochrane said. «I just know that it was a long time ago. My son, Barry, is 62 and I know I was curling when he was around five or six. If I haven’t been curling, then I’ve been watching curling, travelling all over Ontario.» She worked 40 years as a professional hairdresser and also helped out on the family business at the Cochrane Dairy. And when she wasn’t working, at least in the winter time, she was curling. She’s also done her part over the years to help keep the sport alive and well in Russell. She was once president of the local cur- ling club back in the day when there were just two rinks at the curling arena. She’s also done volunteer work for the club, from

Marion Cochrane, one of the senior members of the Russell Curling Club, throws out the ceremonial first rock to a broom-wielding Mayor Pierre Leroux during the recent Scotland vs. Russell friendly bonspiel challenge when the ScottishWomen’s Curling Team recently visited the community.

cleanup duty to working in the clubhouse kitchen, especially during special events like the recent visit to Russell of the Scottish Women’s Curling Team. She had the honour of throwing out the ceremonial first rock for that event, using her curling stick. «I would have preferred to throw it the old way,» she quipped, «but I was just hoping to make sure to get it all the way to the other

end of the rink.» She chuckles when asked what is the fas- cination for her with curling and why she got started with the sport. «It was the thing to do,» she said, smiling. «My friends were all curling. And what else are you going to do in Russell in the winter time? It’s a long winter if you don’t get out and enjoy sports.» Whichmay be the real answer to the ques- tion. Cochrane verymuch enjoys the social aspect of curling. She likes to compete, no

doubt about that. But what counts most of all is not so much getting the rock on the button as having fun with her teammates and with her fellow curling friends at the other end of the rink. «It’s a really good social life,» she said. «I’ve had a lot of good times with curling. A lot of good times. Met a lot of nice, good people. If you don’t get out andmeet people, if you don’t try to be active, life can be pretty dull.»

Noël des enfants de Limoges

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Pour la cinquième année consécutive, les jeunes de Limoges ont eu droit à un Noël des enfants, qui se tenait au centre communautaire du village. L’événement, qui a attiré une cinquantaine d’enfants de la région le 12 décembre dernier, avait pour but d’amasser des denrées non périssables. « L’événement est gratuit pour tous les enfants, a souligné Amy Desjardins, une des organisatrices. Il y a plein d’activités pour eux et le père Noël lui-même se pointe le visage. » En effet, les cris assourdissants d’enfants heureux faisaient écho dans le gymnase. Le clown Boule ainsi qu’un spectacle de magicien avaient aussi lieu. En photo, LisaMeagher, Amy Desjardins, Nadine Lavigne et France Lacroix.

* Le tirage aura lieu le 22 décembre 2015

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