Joyeuses Fêtes Season’s Greetings

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Double-dipped cherry chocolates

him to finish the first one before he went for more.

“Do you keep a secret stash like Daddy does?” asked Chloe.


“No, honey, I only have these around at Christmas time.”

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Tél. : 613 487-3166 Cell. : 613 223-8360 Meilleurs voeux en cette période des Fêtes! Best wishes for the holiday season!

“When I was a little girl, I always knew Christmas was coming when the big red box appeared in the dining-room cupboard. It was a five-pound box, full of double-dipped cherry chocolates, about yay big,” Gramma gestured with her hands.

“It’s mine!”

“No, it’s mine!” Chloe and her brother Thomas both scrambled towards the lone cherry chocolate in the bowl on Gramma Jazzy’s front-door table.They had just arrived for a little visit and knew there would be tasty treats in store. “Patience, my dears, I have lots.” Gramma Jazzy scooped up the red candy dish and headed to the kitchen before either child could finish pulling off their hats andmitts. As she returned, Gramma popped a sweet into her mouth and then held out the now- heaping bowl. “Wow!”Thomas drooled. “Can I have two?” He picked the biggest double-dipped cho­ colate cherry he could find and stuffed it in his mouth. Only then did he remember to say “please and thank you.” It came out more like “Pleath an thenk you.” Swallowing her chocolate, Gramma laughed and reminded

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“My parents would always tell us we could only have one a day, but they tasted so good. One day, I caught my brother Roland snea­ king a second one. He shushedme and said if I didn’t tell, he’d let me take another one without telling on me. Well, I really wanted another one, so we pinkie-swore each other to secrecy. We continued to play out our little secret arrangement every year. I’mpretty sure our older siblings might have had the same deal, because we always went through two boxes every Christmas season. The strangest part of all was that Mum and Daddy never said a word. I think they had figured out our secret and decided to just let us enjoy it.”


Que cette période des fêtes vous soit des plus chaleureuses!

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Soutien Lésion cérébrale acquise

—By Rosemary Guyette

Lionel Desnoyers Réfrigération Depuis 1985

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La chambre de commerce de Prescott-Russell profite de ce temps de l’année pour vous remercier d’encourager nos entreprises locales et vous souhaiter Joyeux Noël et une nouvelle année remplie de paix, bonheur et prospérité. The Prescott-Russell Chamber of Commerce takes this opportunity to thank you for supporting our local businesses and to wish you Merry Christmas and a new year filled with peace, happiness and prosperity.


Installation et service de refroidisseurs à lait sur les fermes. Dans les 5 comtés (Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Prescott et Russell)


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