MAC Trailer Transfer Brochure


With the Keith Walking Floor® Aggregate & Asphalt proven horizontal unloading technology, the improved safety precautions and reduced maintenance measures are unmatched. Controlled & Safe Unloading - Poses no risk of tipping or hitting overhead power cables. - Unloads on uneven ground, steep grades and on banked corners.

- Metered discharge. - Unload partial loads. Steel V-Slat Design - Long lasting high-wear steel flooring.

- J-Bearing provides full-length bearing support. - Slat, bearing and sub-deck combination designed for maximum impact. Versatile Unloading Solutions - Unload sand, aggregate, rock and asphalt with the same trailer. - Deliver partial loads or unload at multiple locations. - Operates in tunnels, under bridges and overpasses. - Superior clean-out with V-SWEEP™ means no load contamination. Boosts Bottom Line - More Capacity than comparably sized tipper or belt trailer. - Increased payload means fewer trips, saving time and fuel. - No more trailer tip overs or belt replacements. Clean Out - KEITH V-SWEEP™ System cleans floor & walls as trailer unloads. Safety - No tipping risk or risk of coming into contact with electrical lines. Repair - Easy access to hydraulics; not necessary to unload to inspect or repair. Maintenance - No daily maintenance; contains few moving parts. Durability - Floor slats are designed to absorb wear and impact of aggregate & asphalt.

Versatility - Move diverse products in same trailer; can unload at multiple locations. Loads & Unloads - Move load forward after partial discharge, axle load.

MAC Man Door

Air Flow Gate

“MVP” MACLOCK Smooth Side Panel

Low Bow Top Rail


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