Minnesota School Of Music - August 2021


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Here at the Minnesota School of Music, we’re committed to providing the best possible music education for kids from kindergarten through 12th grade. After being in business for many years, we finally asked ourselves an important question: What is a school without a mascot?

Aaliyah B. Conner C.

My son and I started brainstorming ideas for a school mascot a few months ago. We envisioned the mascot being a sunglasses- wearing, guitar-playing dog. We sketched up a rough image, which my wife (who’s much more artistic than me!) improved on, then sent it off to our talented graphic designer. We absolutely love the result!

But then came a conundrum: What would we name him?

I put the task out to my staff, who provided some amazing ideas. Some notable ones were Eddie VanHowlin’, a take on the famous 1980s musician who recently passed, and Charlie Barker, in honor of the famous jazz musician. But the name that ultimately won the vote at my family dinner table was Paws McCartney. Paws’ namesake is The Beatles’ bassist and vocalist Paul McCartney.

What is a lion‘s favorite Disney princess? Aurora! Mia Volk

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Thanks to Hopewell Hodges — our office manager, John’s wife — for coming up with the perfect name for our new mascot.

You’ll be seeing Paws McCartney around the school in various ways, starting with coloring sheets that your kids can color in as their siblings are in lessons. And we plan to incorporate Paws into a lot of future fun here at the school. In the meantime, he’s here to cheer on all our musicians and keep up the spirit of the school while playing music and looking cool.

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