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Discover A Pain Free Life

As a Physical Therapist and Canadian Trained Osteopath, I enjoy treating patients with complex pain, especially those patients that haven’t responded well to other types of treatment. Just recently, I had a patient come to see me about the severe pain he was having in his upper abdomen and chest, as well as trouble swallowing, now for well over a year. He had his gall bladder removed in January of 2017 and then had an endoscopy (a tube put down his throat with a camera on it) in October of 2017

that caused him even more pain. He was very frustrated as he had seen many types of specialists that couldn’t find anything wrong, and gave him muscle relaxants, antacids, and pain medication. Using my hands, I was able to locate the problemwith the movement of his stomach, esophagus, liver, and the throat fascia (think Saran Wrap – like tissue in the throat). Using gentle Visceral Manipulation, I was able to get his stomach, esophagus, liver and neck fascia, moving normally again to eliminate his pain. He is now able to eat again without trouble swallowing too. He is doing great and is quite happy about how our treatment has helped him. It’s always hard to see people in pain, but when you can really help them it feels great. That is why I do what I do. It feels amazing to be able to help people like that! Tim Bonack

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