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By Bob Kilroy, Jewel Electric Supply Co. ASHRAE 90.1 is an energy code designed to reduce energy consumption


he American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

controls to synchronize light levels with sensors such as daylight, occupancy andmulti- level control capability are now required for a new build- ing or major renovation project to be considered compliant. All states in the United States must put into effect a commercial building energy code at least as stringent as the 2013 version of 90.1, or jus- tify why they cannot comply. ASHRAE/IES 90.1 has become increasingly sophisticated over the past 14 years, par- ticularly in regard to lighting controls. The 2013 standard

attempts to go even further while simplifying understand- ing and application. The stan- dard, applies to new construc- tion and major renovations (including requirements for lamp-ballast retrofits), and is updated every three years. ASHRAE published the latest version in October 2013. According to the ASHRAE web-site the major changes to ASHRAE/IES 90.1- 2013’s Section 9 (lighting) include lighting controls which under- went a significant makeover. Some of the changes included: • Occupancy sensors, which

must now be set to turn the lights off within 20 minutes after a space is vacated. • Automatic independent control is now required in secondary sidelighted daylight zones (covering additional luminaires farther from the windows) rather than just incentivized with a control credit. • Daylight harvesting step- dimming control now requires two control points between off and full-on—one dim level be- tween 50–70 percent of design power and one between 20–40 percent—to provide greater

flexibility. • A second automatic light- ing shutoff option is required for certain occupancy sensor installations—partial-off to 50 percent of design power within 20 minutes of the space being vacated—spaces where the lights are periodically not needed but must remain ON. • and More detailed func- tional testing requirements are now imposed. There are several systems that can be use to assist the property owner in complying with the ASHRAE 90.1-2013 codes. Systems that provide Wireless lighting controls and automation are the Perfect solution for simple integration and reliable performance. We supply systems that Handle lighting control systems of var- ious scales and complexities; systems that perform equally as well on multi locations as they do on a single location. Think of these regulations as targeted guidance, providing improved financial and opera- tional efficiencies. So, how Controlling Are You? How controlling do you want or need to be? For additional information or to access how compliant you are, contact Bob Kilroy Bob Kilroy is the VP at Jewel Electric Supply Co. in Jersey City, NJ.  development activity outside of the area in question should be given consideration. The Court rejected this argument stat- ing that the IRS had no legal authority or support for this position and that the parcels of land were clearly segregated by both an easement and levee. In conclusion, it is impor- tant that a taxpayer consider all facts and circumstances of a land sale in order to de- termine the appropriate tax treatment. The SLRD case is just one example of how the determination will often come down to whether or not the fact pattern supports the taxpayer’s position that the property in question was held for investment and not for sale within the ordinary course of business. R e b e c c a M a k e l y , CPA i s a membe r o f WithumSmith+Brown’s Rea l Es t a t e Serv i ces Group.  Ordinary vs Capital: How facts and . . . continued from page 2D

Engineers , also known as ASHRAE. ASHRAE 90 . 1 i s an energy code designed to reduce ener- gy consump- t i on . Le t ’ s take a look

Bob Kilroy

he ASHRAE 90.1– 2013 ener- gy code specifically addressing lighting control requirements. The use of advanced lighting

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