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The Struggle With Eating Healthy and Sticking to It

Nutrition is perhaps the hardest part of our treatment plans here atThe Livewell Clinic. Patients have no problem coming in for tests and adhering to the supplement regimens we design for them, but when it comes to food, giving up favorites can be difficult—even when they’re unhealthy. I often advise people to start simple. Focus on foods that are grown and harvested from the ground, like vegetables and nuts. Adding these nutrient- dense foods to your meals will automatically give you a boost and inundate your body with proper vitamins and minerals instead of the starchy carbs and sugars found in processed foods. But the key to a great nutrition plan has very little to do with the food itself. Instead, it’s more about the person consuming the food. I cannot emphasize how important it is to get in the right mindset when you start a healthy meal plan. As is common when adjusting other parts of your health and wellness, starting an improved and healthy meal plan begins with identifying what you want to get out of the change. Are you hoping to lose weight? Do you want to be more alert and focused? Are you looking to build muscle? Your answers to these questions and others will help you determine which plan and what kinds of foods will be ideal for you. Once you have an established goal inmind, the next step is to just start , but be prepared. Yes, it’s going to be hard. Yes, you’re going to struggle. Yes, it will be worth it. You have to begin viewing your body as a vessel and food as the fuel that runs the machine. Until you adjust to this way of thinking, you can’t succeed. Food can still be fun; spending a Friday night out with your sweetheart indulging in wholesome comfort food is exciting and encouraged. That time you spend downtown enjoying good food and each other’s company is

wonderful for your social health. But when you choose to sit on the couch night after night, gorging on chips, a hoagie, and a soda, you’re doing nothing but harm to your body. Sure, I’ll admit that food tastes great, but the bloating, cravings, and sluggishness you’ll feel in two hours are not worth the taste. Food that is good for you and tastes good is worth it. And, yes, it does exist. It begins in a clean, healthy growing environment, and it’s brought to your table with little interference. Fresh, local, and healthy ingredients are obtainable, but they sometimes require a little bit of work. Unfortunately, our environment isn’t getting any cleaner. Our food, air, and water will keep getting dirtier, especially if we continue to avoid action. Instead of focusing on the negative parts of food and the things you cannot have, focus on what you can do. Get to know your farmers. Invest in good food. Surround yourself with people who support wholesome food servicing. Visualize where you want to be, and put that plan into action. (Some people may laugh, but I sometimes crop a photo of my face onto bodies that are a goal for me. It gives me a visualization of what I’mworking for!) AtThe Livewell Clinic, we have the support system to guide you through it. Learnmore about howwe can help you by visiting our website or calling our clinic at 515.279.9900. Our goal is to help you reach your goals—one healthy choice at a time.


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