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April 2020



William Franchi

Finding Focus When You’re Stressed, Little Things Can Make a Difference

Stress affects us all, but it’s how we manage it that makes all the difference. April is Stress Awareness Month, which makes this the perfect time to talk about stress. I manage my own stress through physical activity. I work out every morning and try to stay as active as I can. As a bonus, I’ve found that I come up with some of my best ideas while working out. I think it’s because I’m more focused on the moment when I work out. It lets me think clearly. You can say it’s like meditation in that regard, which is also another great way to manage stress. At our offices, we try to foster a relatively low-stress environment for our staff and clients. We’ve found that we work more effectively when we work in a positive, low-stress environment. Of course, because of the nature of personal injury law, we can’t always avoid stressful moments. The law itself can get complicated, and a particular case can be exceptionally challenging. We know we’re never going to have a zero-stress day. And that’s okay. Sometimes stress can be good. It all comes down to how people manage that stress. If someone lets stress get the better of them, it can negatively affect their life. For example, if someone on my staff is having a stressful day, it can bleed over into their work. They might answer the phone with a negative tone or miss a key detail when working with a client. Thankfully, we manage our stress well around here, and those types of situations don’t come up often. We understand that in our line of work, managing stress is extra important. When we better manage our stress, we can better manage the stress of our clients. Many of our clients are going through the most stressful times of their lives. If they’ve recently been in a car accident, they may be dealing with medical bills, time off work, and a lack of transportation. On top of that, they may be constantly on the phone with the insurance company. My goal is to help our clients overcome as much stress as possible, so we make an effort to alleviate some of their burdens. I tell my clients to just focus on getting to their appointments, and we’ll handle the rest.

When I think about stress, I also think about my time in law enforcement. I found myself in stressful situations every day. I also started to notice how stress would impact my decisions. When you’re working in law enforcement, you often have to make fast, real-time decisions. You may have only seconds to react. That job requirement can be incredibly stressful. As I shifted into law, I was thankful I didn’t have to constantly make those real-time decisions. In the law practice, I have time to think and research to arrive at the best possible decision. But with a law enforcement background, I know how to navigate the stress of quick decision-making. If you find yourself in a high-stress situation, such as a car accident, you can rest assured that we’ll have your back. You never have to deal with it on your own.

–William Franchi | 1

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