The Racing Pigeon - 5th April 2024



birds). A wonderful record! Peter has no family history in pigeon racing, but Steve and Brian’s dad was an outstanding fancier for many years. All three partners kept pigeons as chil- dren and started to race when they became teenagers. Peter was drawn to pigeon after watching the birds belonging to the good local fancier, Sid (Pip) Alcock and his first birds were caught from under Staines Railway Bridge, and the really good ones had rubber rings on their leg. The great performances of Pip Alcock in the late 1960’s really grabbed Peter’s interest and later it was the performances of the late, great Fred Elliott. Peter’s first racing birds were Dordins and the Poole Brothers had Kirkpatrick, and they all gave the lads a lot of pleasure. Their first club was the Egham Invitation Flying Cub that, in those days flew North Road up to Thurso in Scotland with the Thames Valley Federation. The lads have been pigeon racers for well over 40 years and have kept pigeons for most of their lives. They now race in the strong Windsor RPC, which has several premier fanciers in its membership, including Mark and Geoff Gilbert and Peter tells me, they still consider them- selves as novices. They must be joking! Congratulations to the Hathaway & Poole partnership on their wonderful success in recent seasons! That’s it for this week! Hathaway & Poole, what a great pigeon racing partnership! I can be contacted with any pigeon ‘banter’ on tele- phone number: 01372 463480 or email me on TEXT & PHOTOS BY KEITH MOTT (

4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th Federation Wincanton (2,558 birds), 2nd Federation Kingsdown (1,533 birds), 3rd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 10th & 14th Federation Blandford, 3rd & 4th Federation Wincanton, 4th

Federation Lulworth (1,245 birds), 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 15th, 16th, 18th, 19th & 20th Federation Wincanton (2,485 birds), 61st Open BICC Saran (3,919 birds), 51st Open BBC Lamballe (2,318


Today I received a letter from my good friend Dave Maddison of the I & D Maddison partner- ship from Hartlepool in the North East. Ian and Dave have been exceptional fanciers for many, many years winning out of turn with their own Van Loon based family from Planet Brothers stock. Their numbr one patriarch being ‘Wayside Emperor’ who is a legend after being voted Best UNC 2005 Bird of the Year plus a Meritorious Award for races upto 300 miles from all member Unions of the Confederation of Long Distance Racing Pigeons of Britain and Ireland. His genes go through a dynasty of club, Fed, plus Sections and UNC winners which include the famous ‘Mark’s Dream’ of Andre Naylor which was himself UNC Bird of the Year after winning 1st UNC Maidstone National 17,164 birds and who also became an exceptional producter for Naylor & Richardson is double grandson of ‘Wayside Emperor’ who in 2005 won 5x1st Club, 4x1st Fed, 3x1st, 2x3nd & 9th Section 6 UNC and 4th & 6th UNC Folkestone 17,234 and 24,692 birds and all in one season alone. What a pigeon this cock was! The 2023 Titan Games All Round winner is ‘Wayside Titan Supreme’ a fantastic w/f chequer cock and a grandson of ‘Wayside Emperor’ on his sire’s side when paired to a chequer hen from mysef out of ‘The Rocket’ x ‘Fenomenal Lady’ blood of Mike Ganus via Jack Walker’s No 1 pair. The dam of Titan Games winner is a Leo Heremans hen from Mike Lovelock of Shrewsbury who is one of our top fancier that won not only 1st Open BBC National, but also 1st Open NFC YB National with a small entry from a small back garden loft. Mike only raced eight hens and is a bit of a hen specialist having spent several years learning about ‘Racing Hens’ in Belgium from a top well known Belgian fanciers. The sire of ‘Titan Supreme’ is from ‘Wayside Emperor’ (Van Loon) whilst he was paired to 12H26301 a daughter of Jack Walker’s No 1 pair, a fantastic breeding pair of Club, Fed, Open,

stock, I forgot to close the door behind me and half a dozen or more of my ‘Rocket’ family stock birds saw a chance to escape and took to the wing! Never mind I had too many as it was, lol. Both of my old friends are now feeling their age and are not in the best of of health so I wish both Dereck Smith and John Preece my best wishes. It’s certainly no fun growing old but its something we all have to endure at some time. I once wrote this poem called ‘God’s Gift’ which goes like this: God gave to me, two eyes to see, two hands for me to use Two legs to walk, a mouth to talk and a body I abuse! He gave me hair, no longer there and blood to fill my veins, But I wouldn’t mind if he’d been kid and kept the aches and pains! Yesterday I picked some shallots in malt vinegar and honey, three large Kilner jars which will take a few months before being ready to eat with my crusty bread and sharp cheese. But I’ve still got two jars to get on with from last year and they are lovely believe me. I shall close this now and get on cooking my streaky bacon, pigs liver and fried onions which I will have for my tea tonight and I’ll wish everyone a successful 2024 season. ‘Wayside Titan Supreme’ – Overall winner 2023 Titan Games for I & D Maddison, Hartlepool.

Breeder/Buyer sale with my friend Steve Davies. It was a poor turn out with only 13 birds being auctioed by Dave Pullin averaging £70 each. So perhaps their second sale on 30th March will bring i a good few ore entries at the Rugby Club, I believe the payout is 50%, 30%, 20% so those first three places will be worth winning. I entered a blue pied ock which was bough by Wade Davies from the Shropshire One Loft wo I do hope he manages to hang onto it out there in the wilds of South Shropshire. Today I did a stupid thing when feeding my

Combine and Classic winners throughout the UK. She is a granddaughter of ‘Dutch Master’ x ‘Gerrie’ and ‘Rocket’ x ‘Fenomenale Lady’. The Mike Lovelock hen is direct from ‘De Ruijtes’ in The Netherlands and is from ‘Bolt Kittle’ x Leo Heremans ‘Olympaide 003’ lines. Up to date I & D Maddison have won over 80x1st Federations with their family of pigeons and in his letter to me he thanked me for the influence our pigeons have had on his loft which of course is good of him to say so. On Saturday evening I attended Whitchurch

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