The Racing Pigeon - 5th April 2024




blow when they want their birds in. I shake my corn jug with a bit of seed and a few peanuts in. Once you have trained them all this way you then have their confidence and they know you’re going to give them a reward if they come in when told to. I have put 26 young birds into my loft and I will have about 10 more later on so that will do me for this year. This is 2nd March as I’m writing these notes down. I’ve had my old birds out and all cleaned out, but it was just a bit to cold for me to get the youngsters out. So I got them all cleaned out and fed them all up for the day. For the new starters in mind every Thursday I have been putting some Olive Oil on their corn both young and old birds to which I add some Cinnamon powder and Brewers Yeast powder and mix well up in a plastic bucket then I feed it to all my birds in their troughs, I have read up on Cinnamon and Brewers Yeast and have to say it really is good for our pigeons. I also put clean garlic cloves cut up into their water as often as I can, I don’t leave the garlic cloves in their water for more than four to five days. Garlic is a natural antibiotic, one of nature’s gifts like the humble nettle it also has properties within which really are good for us and our pigeons. My young birds are looking good and soon will be flying about, so I will be keeping a close eye on how much corn I feed them, as we don’t want them sitting

about on rooftops all the time. When we call them into their lofts they should come in or they miss their food. That is the way to learn our young pigeons, they have to come into loft when called in. I was talking with friend Dave Dowel of Carlisle. Dave had been to a Moot at West Cumbria which he had enjoyed along with a few friends, he won a bottle of Martini in the draw so that can’t be bad. Old friend Miranda de Jong of Belgium phoned for a chinwag. She was telling me about having been to a large pigeon festival in Holland, she met up with top fanciers like Henk deWeerd and Lee Fribbins of The Racing Pigeon. She and husband Marc really enjoyed themselves also spoke with fanciers from Nottingham, England. In Belgium they have started training and they have their young birds through into young bird lofts now. Yes it won’t be long before it all gets going again over here, surprising how fast the racing season arrives. Also I was chatting to Kev Clark of Hatfield. He has had a lot of hawk trouble at his lofts, every time he lets his birds out they have to run the gauntlet. My old friend Dave Dowel was saying his new loft at his allotment is being fitted out with nest boxes with the help from Jake Duncan who does a marvellous job. Glenny

Got to say the youngsters I have put through into young bird loft are really coming on well. For the new starter I’m feeding quite a lot of beans now within their mixture, the droppings are great the pigeons look well. They are growing quickly showing no signs of stress, and I’m managing to get them out more often now . While there out and about. I put the bath out for them and I put a hand full of kitchen salt into the bath, all the little things are just as important as the big things in the world of the pigeon. Sometimes when we go to our lofts we tend to get the scraper out and clean out but to the pigeon in the loft they’re happy the way things are, we can be to much on the clinical side of things when really the pigeons want peace and quiet, left well alone kind of thing. I remember watching the master himself Geff Kirkland’s video from many moons ago, he nailed it down in the loft, the pigeons are happy with the straw on the floor of loft so that’s fine we leave things well alone, or words to that effect. We keep to the norm with our racers and stock birds .

This is now Tuesday 27th February as I’m writing these few notes, it is cold outside and is starting to rain. I’ve been round to the pigeons and gave the youngsters a light feed, now that their getting out daily I make sure I don’t over feed them. For the new starter he or she will have to watch we don’t over feed young birds or they will want to stay out all day long . This would be okay but with the BOP problems we face in this part of the country leaving them out they become targets for Perigrines and Sparrowhawks and the local moggy so these things we try to keep away from. If you can get hold of an empty eight ounce jam jar that is enough corn for eight young pigeons with a little seed added to get them into loft with per day. So you can do the adding up by how many young birds you want to feed. We feed our young pigeons on a really good mixture meant for young pigeons to grow on and become strong sound pigeons. We make sure they know the sound you make when calling them all into their lofts, some fanciers have a whistle they

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