The Racing Pigeon - 5th April 2024



Surrey Bird

more to leave, and all those that are hatching out now are staying with us and will make up our 2024 young bird team. It does feel strange to have bred a whole round of babies and have nothing to show in our lofts for it and I am looking forward to having some of our own! All I can say about the March weather is that it has been fit for ducks and not

much else, and I feel for those of you whose race programme starts in early April, as I’m sure it has been difficult to get your pigeons race ready. All our racers are now sitting tiny young birds or are due to hatch and it has been a case of trying to dodge the showers to get a loft fly. We have mentioned the ‘T’ word (training) and they will have to start going down the road soon, while

We are now approaching the Easter weekend, the clocks will be going forward and the brighter months are

well on their way. We are almost at the end of the breeding for Futurity and Breeder/Buyer racers with just a few

Sitting little ones.

The taunter!

the weather is so hit and miss, it will be a case of giving them some short tosses to get them back into the swing of things again. When buying this bungalow, not enough thought was put into location, it was more a case of ‘we love this garden’ and that was that. Unfortunately, being where we are means that you must drive a good twenty-five minutes before you get anywhere near the motorway or a distance that is worthwhile liberating the birds from. I took for granted the fact that in Dunstable, I could be on the M1 within five minutes, and it really does make a difference. I used to leave school, drive home, basket the birds and be on the motorway all within twenty minutes if the traffic was kind and that is why I had the motivation to train from thirty miles three times a week. Being here, the same amount of time or more, will give us a ten mile trainer, and I understand and appre- ciate the importance of loft location since living in Bakersfield! We can’t have it all though and we are blessed to have such a beautiful garden in which to wait for our birds. A day of sunshine last weekend saw the lawns get mowed by Matt and a couple of hours weeding was done by me. Well, I removed most of the dead foliage that had been laid there all

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