The Racing Pigeon - 5th April 2024




any races other than the Federation cancelled race which everyone missed. The 2020 Honiton Federation winner, ‘Kayla’s Girl’, is 25% Vanm der Merwe through a granddaughter of his National winning hen that also won a motor car, and is 75% Eric Ceulemans. The 2020 Blandford Federation winner, ‘Samantha’s Girl’, is 100% Eric

Terry & Sue Leonard have been premier pigeon racers in the Surrey area for many years, including winning the Three Borders Federation Championship twice in recent seasons. They enjoyed another great year in 2023, winning many trophies and premier positions in the Federation, including 2x1st Federation. The Federation were at Wincanton with the young birds and Terry and Sue of the

team youngsters. His Federation winner was the Ceulemans/Peter Van Der black pied cock, ‘Parkview Kayla’s Bro’ and he is half-brother to Terry’s good Federation winning hen, ‘Kayla’s Girl’. The second bird home, to win 2nd Federation was the Ceulemans blue pied hen, ‘Parkview 34’. The Three Borders Federation were at Wincanton on the last weekend of April in 2023 for the second old bird race and members sent 855 birds, for what turned out to be fast race, being liberated in a southerly wind. Terry and Sue were ‘knocking at the door’ on the previous weeks Federation result from Wincanton (1) recoding 4th, 8th, 9th & 10th and the partners hit the top spot on Wincanton

Federation in the 2023 season were: (Old Birds) 3rd, 8th, 9th & 10th Federation Wincanton, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 12th & 15th Federation Wincanton, 11th, 14th & 15th Federation Honiton, 4th, 7th & 16th Federation Okehampton, 2nd, 7th & 22nd Federation Yeovil, 4th, 7th & 8th Federation Honiton, 4th Federation Honiton. (Young Birds) 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Federation Wincanton, 1st Ashridge club Yeovil, 7th Federation Newton Abbot. Brilliant pigeon racing! I recently met up with Terry and we had a chat about his loft and young bird management. He told me, ‘The main loft is 35 years old and has been altered numerous times to the annoyance of

Ceulemans. This winner came through pigeons from Frank & George Bristow, who I have bought pigeons from since 2014 and have become good friends with. Sue and I visit the Bristow family every year, except this year due to Covid. We are very grateful to Frank and George for the pigeons we have obtained from them and now have a very comprehensive stock team of their Ceulemans, off all their best lines.’

Terry & Sue Leonard.

Ashridge club enjoy some great success by recording their second Federation winner of the season and taking the first five positions in the Wincanton Federation result. This was the partners first young bird race of the season, after have some bad luck on the build-up. Terry had his ‘A’ team first round young- sters in two crates in the garden and while he was in the house getting ready for work, they were attacked by a Fox. The Fox chewed two dowels out of the end of the crate and killed 12 of the 14 youngsters in it. He had to replace the killed birds with ‘B’ team later bred youngsters, which was a major setback for his racing preparation. Terry missed the first race and sent 16 babies to the Wincanton race, with the first three birds on the ETS being ‘B’

(2) recording 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 12th & 15th Federation. The Wincanton Federation winner was a Ceulemans cross blue chequer hen from the best Frank & George Bristow bloodlines and she is now named ‘Parkview Consistent’. This game hen has had other wins from in land race points. Terry & Sue Leonard’s wonderful performances in the Three Borders

Sue. My main loft is 18ft long and has three sections, the first section is for the first round babies which has 40 pipo boxes converted into 20 nest boxes, and has three chimneys go through the ceiling. I have two young bird sections and both have grilled floors. The other young bird section has 35 of the same boxes and both have a Unikon four bob hole trap. We feed our young birds Vanrobaeys and Beyers mixtures and both teams are schooled carefully with the training, so as to avoid knocking their confidence. They go through to 42 miles with their training before coming back to the 21 miles. We are not heavy users of antibiotics, preferring to have screening done by vets and only then treating if necessary. They were jabbed twice in 2020 for PMV. We keep on top of any respiratory problems through checking them every three or four weeks and treating for three days if needed. They had no canker treatment this season as tests were clear and same with old birds last season and this season. All birds were Darkness babies raced Natural. We don’t clean out after May as we think this is beneficial, although both teams did go down with young bird sickness after their first race. Fortunately the younger team were started after the first so didn’t miss

Terry & Sue Leonard won several premier positions in the Three Borders Federation in the 2022 season including 1st Federation twice, with ‘Parkview Princess’ and Parkview Sue’s Boy’. Terry told me, ‘These pigeons which are mainly Ceulemans which came to us through Frank & George Bristow, who started racing the Ceulemans in 2007, with outstanding success. My stock team are all from their winners that are retired to the stock loft’. In spite of the problems the Covid 19 virus has put on pigeon racing, the competition in the Three Borders Federation had been strong and hard in the 2020 season, and the mighty Ashridge RPC had come out on top for

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