The Racing Pigeon - 5th April 2024



we see the survival race- winning pigeon named ‘Rosa’ for Team Henriksen from Denmark maintaining its form with a time of 10:55:14.35. Team PEC & Batenberg from Belgium takes 3rd International with the arrival of pigeon ‘Aceda’ on 10:55:18.95. The winning nation of England sees their second arrival to take 4th place with Team Grasmere and pigeon named ‘No Hope’ in the clock on 10:55:19.20. We head to Norway for 5th International with Team JIV seeing their pigeon ‘JIV4’ home on 10:55:20.00. We stay in the

First arrivals from The Endurance Race.

10:55:22.85. For 7th International, we go to the nation of Belgium with Team Moors & Dochters once again amongst the leaders with pigeon ‘Nadie’ on 10:55:23.30. Pigeon ‘Lipicai’ from Hungary takes the 8th position for Team Janos Varga on 10:55:24.55, resulting in two pigeons from England taking both 9th and 10th positions with Team Liverpool Broadway Allstars with pigeon ‘Lily’s Star’ in 9th on 10:55:25.55 and Team Trainspotters taking the 10th position on 10:55:25.60 with pigeon ‘Rainhill’ on 10:55:25.60. With a number of pigeons coming through in the thirty minutes or so that followed the first arrivals, the returns seemed to be more spread out, but this is the normal procedure for this race as it’s a case of the pigeons, once liberated, having the bravery and courage to cross from one island to another. This may well take some hours or even days for them to build up such, but slowly and thankfully a number will even- tually face this, the biggest challenge we put of them in a bid to return to the loft. As day one came to a close and darkness fell, 332 pigeons had made the crossing on the first day, a pleasing number so far, and as in previous years, pigeons will roost overnight either on the island of Tenerife and come in early the following morning or on the coastline of Gran Canaria and build up to coming across. With further arrivals over the coming days, the numbers went up to a new Arona record from this, the survival race, to 379 pigeons, a returns percentage of 56.39%. Endurance Race 1 The Endurance Race is an added training flight that is implemented to give the pigeons some additional experience of crossing the Atlantic, and as it’s not classed as a hotspot race, there’s no prize monies on offer of this occasion. However, the Arona organisa- tion rewards the top ten pigeons with a €220 euro reusable credit for the next series as a reward. With the 379 pigeons taking on the familiar route to the race point that they took for the survival race, the birds once again arrived on site safe and well with nothing unusual to report. We again prepared for the following morning. Once again, as the sun rose and the skies cleared to broken clouds and a 21km sea winds cutting across the Gran Canaria coastline, Abel and the team were happy to cut the strings and release their cargo at 09:30. Following a few minutes of orientations over the lib site, the birds were soon out of sight for their second time across the Atlantic. At the loft, once again, we all watched and waited for the arrivals in what by now we hoped they had learned something in the previous adventure. With the first birds sighted on the south Tenerife shoreline, they made their way to the loft racing for the finishing line, where the team there to welcome them home. Taking top honors of 1st International Endurance Race 1, we see the English syndicate of Essex Boys having a rewarding series so far with a few appearances in the top ten as they see their entry named ‘Robby’ timing in on the same time on the wing as the survival race at 10:55:13.20. In 2nd position,

eastern regions of Europe with Team Slovakia taking 6th place with Team Krajcik Daniel and Andrea and pigeon ‘ADK 98’ on 10:55:21.25. It’s to the Netherlands we go for 7th International as Team Ad, Fortuin PEC, Batenberg & Van de Merwe with pigeon ‘Fortune 133’ timing in on 10:55:21.35. Team Arctic Loft from Poland takes the 8th spot with their entry ‘Mobula’ came in for them on a time of 10:55:21.55. Team Wales takes the 9th International spot with Team Harris Family and pigeon ‘Boomerang 57’ on 10:55:22.30, just ahead of the final top ten pigeon which is from Slovakia for Team Kocur Family with pigeon ‘David’ on 10:55:23.85. With this being the second time of asking flying over the stretch of water between the islands, the birds

there’s the Netherlands team of Leliaert with pigeon named ‘Lady Gag’ on 27,216pts. Also, now after two sea races, we have the King of the Atlantic averages, this is run from the Survival Race to the Final and all races in between when pigeons are asked to fly across the sea. In 1st posi- tion, we have undoubtedly the Team Henriksen team with pigeon ‘Rosa’ with 1st Survival Race and 2nd Endurance Race positions with 19,995pts. Team Team PEC & Batenberg from Belgium 3rd International Endurance Race with pigeon ‘Aceda’.

didn’t seem to fear the crossing for the second attempt as the clock recorded a pleasing 352 pigeons on the day, meaning just 27 pigeons were adrift by nightfall, and with a few more coming through on day two as we go to press, 357 are currently on the clock. We are now within the serious stages of the Derby Arona series, where there are ample amounts of monies and pools up for competition, and as such, there are two averages now running. The first is the King of Sprint, this competition runs from the first race, which was from 3km to the final race, with currently leaders for the past few weeks, Rhyl Rockets holding onto the top spot with pigeon ‘Deirdre’ on 28,658pts. In 2nd, we see Team Tink’s Treasures also holding a top spot with their entry ‘Happy Tink’ on 28,153pts, moving into 3rd place Team Essex Boys Syn England 1st International Endurance Race 1 with pigeon ‘Robby’.

Trainspotters from England are in the runner-up posi- tion with pigeon ‘Rainhill’ on 19,865pts, and in 3rd, we have the Belgium participants Team Pea Cocktails Syn with pigeon ‘Erika’ on 19,840pts. With the Hotspot races now well underway, we can also prepare for this year’s Final race on Saturdat 23rd March when the Ledesma family and Derby Arona team will welcome each participant and inter- ested parties to the loft and race and the island of Tenerife. Tom Harris Team Rhyl Rockets. Wale.s current leaders in the King of Sprint Averages with pigeon ‘Deirdre’.

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