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GOOD PIGEONS IN CAPABLE HANDS Louis Stabel & Son Goirle, Holland by Jens Pedersen – PAGES FROM THE PAST –

Any small to medium size loft that is able to be constantly at the top in club and Combine, and occasionally manages to achieve excellence in National races, is bound to attract the attention of fanciers looking for a reliable bloodlines to improve the standard of their loft. The racing successes of the unpretentious loft in Goirle became known abroad, and young pigeons were sent to auction sales in other countries. These kinds of sales can, however, be risky for the breeder, for he cannot know what prices his birds will fetch, nor can he know whose lofts they will go to. But if good pigeons come into capable hands, success will follow. And this appears to have been the case for L Stabel & son. In Denmark, where I live, two auctions were held some years ago, and it wasn’t long before certain lofts with Stabel pigeons began to be noticed in race results and in championship contests. In my own club such a loft won the Combined Federation Averages in 2004 as well as other trophies. In England, too, pigeons from L Stabel & son have done extremely well. So I decided to contact these fanciers again, this time with a view to writing a loft report, knowing that the son Eugene speaks English. This led to an exchange of emails and, in fact, the following interview was carried out by electronic mail, and also race results, pedigrees and photos were transmitted electronically. What useful inventions these electronic devices are! With my questions to Eugene I have tried to cover a somewhat wider field than just dealing with the fancier, his pigeons and management. Eugene, please tell me something about the conditions under which you race in your area:- The Netherlands pigeon racing organisation NPO is divided into 12 districts, of which the middle and western part of the Noord-Brabant Province form district No 2, known as Brabant 2000. As you can see from the map, it has four regions – 1, 2, 3 and 4. Its geographic situation is just north of the Belgian frontier. Our club is Goirle, the Luchstormers, is located in the south eastern part of region 4. Some years ago we only competed in regions 3 and 4, and then we would see many flocks of pigeons passing over. But in the new Combine (1+2+3+4) we only see such flights when there is a strong westerly or north westerly wind, and we can then expect our birds to be amongst the first ten. But with the wind in the east it is hard for lofts in our location even to be amongst the first

hundred. So you see, wind direction determines where the winner is to be found. We only race from stations in a southerly direction, of course. In the Goirle club we compete against 85 members, and many of them are strong lofts, such as W Zoontjens & son, J Verhoeven & son, Ad de Volder and others. The Federations and

members) – again a Combine of 18 clubs in region 4 where we fly long distance and overnight races. Brabant 2000 (3,500 members) – the district comprising regions 1+2+3+4 as shown on the map where we fly long distance (semi national) and overnight races. National – this is a union of the Provinces of Zeeland, Brabant and Limburg. Competition here is in overnight races from St Vincent, Mont de Marsan and Dax. Also young bird races from Orleans, but for these we only compete in Brabant 2000. Here are some distances: Short 80-270km, medium 300-450km, long 520- 700km, overnight 800-1,000km and young birds 80-450km. What are the championships won by your loft in 2004? In the club we won the following – Overall Championship, 1st nominated and unnominated; Short Distance, 2nd nominated and 1st unnominated; Middle Distance, 1st nominated and 1st unnominated; Young Birds, 1st nominated and 2nd unnominated; Young Birds Short, 1st nominated and 2nd unnominated; Young Birds, long, 1st nominated and 2nd unnominated. In Hart van Brabant – 1st Old birds short/middle distance and 2nd Young bird championship. In Brabant 2000/Rayon 4 – 2nd Overall championship. In Fond Union – 3rd Overall championship. In Brabant 2000 – 2nd Young bird middle distance championship. In the club during the past 15 years we have won 1st Overall championship nominated 11 times, been 2nd three times and 3rd once, unnominated 13 times and 2nd twice. Please explain the terms nominated and unnominated: The nomination system is complicated and is not the same in every club and union. It is a points system where you mark a number of pigeons on the entry form either as nominated or as unnominated. The pigeons are then awarded points after each race, and the sum of these points determines who wins the various championships. Lets talk about the partnership L Stabel & son – how did it start? Louis my father started at 18 years of age (1969) after a serious moped accident. As a boy he had visited his uncle at weekends to watch the birds return from races. Already in his first year he had a good start and

Combines we race with are as follows: HVB – Hart van Brabant

(350 members) – a Federation of seven clubs in the eastern part of region 4. Here, we race short and middle distance with old birds and up to 320km with young birds. Brabant 2000/Rayon 4 (750 members) – a Combine of 18 clubs. Same type of races as in HVB. Fond Union/Rayon 4 (750

Louis and Eugene.

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