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when the season starts. About four weeks later we again consult the vet to have droppings and throat swabs checked, and medicine will be prescribed if anything is not right. Do you use electronic timing? Yes, electronic timing is permitted in the Netherlands, and we consider it to be one of the most important advances in the pigeon sport. It is a great advantage both for the fancier and for the club, saving time and making things easier. About 90% of our club members use Tipes or Unikon. Is the pigeon sport in decline in Holland? Yes, like in most other countries in Europe there is a decline in membership. Members get older, and it is difficult to attract new members. There are too many other things they can do in their spare time. The 16-22 year olds go to discos and bars until three in the morning and do not want to get up at eight on a Saturday. Last year a club built a loft near a school, and the first year a few boys joined, but when they begin to find girls attractive they lose interest in pigeons. So it is hoped they will start again with pigeons when they are 25-30 years old. Finally, tell me something about your best breeders and racers:- We have some that we call base pigeons. They are pigeons that have been extraordinary racers and are now stock pigeons. Base pigeon A: NL86-1339142 ‘Superweker’ bred by J Verhoeven & son, Goirle. He is progenitor of many of our good pigeons, has bred us five first prize winners and four Ace pigeons. He is grandfather to 11 first prize winners and four Ace pigeons, amongst

in club and 3rd Ace pigeon in Fed (350 members). ‘Kilometervreter’ is father to NL01-2088322, sold to a fancier in Denmark, where she is the mother of three 1st Federation winners. Another Danish fancier has a grand-daughter of ‘Claudia’ that bred, amongst others, a son that was twice 1st Federation from stations in Sweden. In England too are prize- winning descendants of this super Janssen breeding hen. Base pigeon C: NL88-8891328 ‘Super 328’, 1st Ace pigeon long distance young birds 1988 and 1st Ace pigeon short/middle distance 1993. He is father to 1st National Orleans 9,569 birds and great grandfather to ‘t Bont Mirakel’ 3rd young bird National competition WHZB. Base pigeon E: NL94- 9413051 ‘De Nico’, a top racer winning 4th Creil 6,655 birds and 4th Tours 14,852 birds. He is now in the

them ‘De Leontien’, 11th National Orleans. A great grandson ‘Ronaldo’ has won 6th Orleans 15,087 birds, and 9th La Souterraine 10,453 birds. Base pigeon B: NL95-2066963 ‘Claudia’ bred by P Manders, Baarle-Nassau off parents direct from Janssen Bros, Arendonk, line of ‘Schouwman’ x ‘Raket’. She is at present our best stock hen for distances from 500 to 1,000km. A daughter ‘t Nachtvliegerte’ won in 2000 the following overnight races: 8th Bordeaux 5,889 birds, 3rd Dax 14,423 birds, and was 2nd Ace pigeon overnight races in Vredesduif competition. A son of ‘Claudia‘ is ‘Kilometervreter’ from 1996, placed 18 times in 21 races and being 1st Ace pigeon long distance 1997

stock loft producing each year first-class racers and breeders – too numerous to mention. As late as 2004 a grandson won 2nd Peronne 9,670 bords and 3rd Creil 12,194 birds. A daughter sold at auction in Denmark is the mother of pigeons that have won 11 first prizes. Many more good racers and breeders could be mentioned, but let’s stop here so as not to try the readers’ patience. My most sincere thanks to Louis and Eugene for a fruitful exchange of information over ‘the net’ and for the beautiful photographs of their pigeons.

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