The Racing Pigeon - 5th April 2024



Halle-Booienhoven: Herbots Brothers...or should we say Herbots Family because there in the Dungelstraat every family member is enthusiastically involved with the pigeons in one way or another. The Herbots home is always convivial – everyone is welcome and everyone is welcomed with a smile. The coffee pot is always full, a biscuit or other snack is offered with pleasure. The 2023 season was one to frame. Their flying team impressed at national level like never before. At the beginning of the season, despite the racing team's condition being more than good, the prevailing easterly wind played a disadvantage in their ability to compete with the best at national level, but once the wind blew in from a more westerly direction, it was all over. In the month of July, when long distance races follow each other in quick succession, their racing team struck sharp and deadly as daggers and won 8x Top 10 National and 29x Top 50 National. ‘THe Flup’…masTerFully imposing miet, Jo and raf have to swallow for once when we want to talk about ‘De Flup’ (B21-2130124). ‘De Flup’ is probably one of the best pigeons that ever cleaved the Belgian skies. Jo, who can already put several decades of experience in the international pigeon world on the table, puts it succinctly “never experienced before! such performance in one month (July 2023), we have never seen this with anyone before”.We can only agree and there are no superlatives enough to do full justice t o this historic performance. “Thanks also to our team of loft managers”, Jo continues “Geoffrey who is main loft manager and assisted by Bjorn, Christophe and Viktor. Without them, this would definitely not be possible”. As you know, Jo Herbots is always looking for exceptional pigeons. Not only for his extensive international clientele but also to strengthen his own breeding loft. National Ace Pigeons, International winners, Olympiad pigeons…only the very best are allocated a breeding box. 7th National Souillac 4,827 birds – 711km 9th National Limoges 7,211 birds – 652km 9th National Aurillac 5,342 birds – 685km 9th National Libourne 3,880 birds – 784km 1st National ace KBDB over 4 long distance races old birds 2023 1st Provincial ace KBDB long distance pigeon 2023 3rd World Best Pigeon 4th Olympiad Pigeon Cat H

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