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Clermont race sitting four day eggs. In 2015 after the race, she returned to her eggs which is the first time she has done so in ALL her racing contests. You will see from the above this magnificent hen has only ONCE been out of the top 100 in these 10 national races flying almost 5430 miles during this time and she has been within the top 5% in ALL these National events. Both parents were bred by R Cook of Chatsworth Lofts of Colchester, Essex, both containing the bloodlines of Geoff Kirkland 1st national winner ‘The Pest’ . Many fanciers throughout the world will appreciate the prominence of these two wonderful pigeons ‘Fortune Lady’ and ‘Kingdom Spirit’ and many fanciers will wish they had a pigeon of their calibre within their own lofts. Had these two birds been a Dutch, Belgian or German pigeons they would have been worth a fortune and even today’s World record priced pigeon in my opinion does not have perform- ances as outstanding as these two Scottish National Racing Pigeons. The above are my own thoughts and opinions. – Joe Murphy Scottish Scribe. Please continue to keep the news flowing; to Joe Murphy Mystical Rose Cottage 2 Flutorum Avenue Thornton by Kirkcaldy KY1 4BD or phone 01592 770331 or Email to REMEMBER THE J IN THE MIDDLE or log onto www.pigeon- who wish my weekly contribution portfolio on pigeon topics from Scotland . WITHOUT LIMITS – ICON OF THE SPORT – JIM BISS

Jim Biss – Without Limits – The Ultimate Icon Written by Lee Fribbins – Editor of The Racing Pigeon, Racing Pictorial International Jim Biss was one of if not the greatest fanciers to have ever graced our shores. The sport of pigeon racing in the UK had in Jim Biss an extraordinary talent that made him certainly one of the Ultimate Icons of his generation but also one of the greatest exponents in Europe of all time. Jim was one of those fanciers that didn’t just get a performance a season that for many would be once in a life time that those fanciers would be

‘Kingdom Spirit’.

by the father and son partnership of George & Brian Hunter from Dunfermline and the area is known in Scotland as the ‘Kingdom of Fife’ . Hence the reason she was known as ‘Kingdom Spirit’. Dunfermline town grew under the influence of Queen Margaret to be an important ecclesiastical burgh (a town with special privi- leges). It is situated north of Edinburgh over the river known as ‘The Firth of Forth’ which continues out into the North Sea. On 20th May 2022 the town was granted city status by the Queen. Back to the pigeon, this wonderful hen competed from 4 different race points with the Scottish National Flying Club, and her performances are as follow: Race Point Year Section Open Distance Velocity Members Birds Reims 2010 7th 26th 567-704 1091.4 397 1187 Clermont 2010 2nd 2nd 524-391 1031.97 311 1102 Messac 2011 2nd 31st 573-1315 582.17 385 1159 Clermont 2011 31st 69th 524-391 1220.67 356 1471 Alencon 2012 4th 36th 547-1603 1291.3 389 1204 Alencon 2013 2nd 2nd 547-1603 979.02 431 1355 Clermont 2013 41st 90th 524-391 607.7 343 1500 Alencon 2014 18th 120th 547-1603 624.9 421 1427 Alencon 2015 2nd 58th 547-1603 820.85 400 1416 Clermont 2015 28th 67th 524-391 1141.11 338 1547 Kingdom Spirit also won the Scottish Homing Union ‘ DEWAR TROPHY’ in 2010 for Scotland’s ‘Pigeon of the Year’ and was Runner up for this award in 2011. She correspondingly won 1st prize in the ‘Joe Murphy BHW One Bird Sporting Challenge’ competition from Alencon in 2012. From where she competed against a select band of quality pigeons to win the highest placed bird in the completion being 36th open Scottish National Flying Club. During the above 28 year period the Scottish Homing Union have distributed over 2,500,000 rings to their membership and it was an incredible achievement for ‘Fortune Lady’ and ‘ Kingdom Spirit’ to become THE ONLY TWO PIGEONS TO ACHIEVE THIS FEAT FROM ALL THE MILLIONS BRED AT THIS TIME. PLUS ‘Kingdom Spirit’ she was also regarded as ONE of the Best Racing Hens in Europe. ‘Kingdom Spirit’s ’ normal preparation for the season was; paired up in March and reared two babies until they are 15 days old at which time she is taken away and prepared for racing on the ‘Roundabout’ system. With her mate finishing off rearing the babies. ‘Kingdom Spirit’ normally has three races out to Leicester a distance of 257 miles, she was then repaired to her mate and entered into the SNFC Gold Cup race from Alencon sitting 10 days on eggs. ( On return she generally did not go back onto her eggs ). She was then allowed to go back to nest and receives 2 short training flights (40 minutes on the wing) and was then entered into the SNFC

proud of but created a team of pigeons that achieved results many could only dream of on a week after week basis and season after season. * 1st, 2nd and 7th Pau Grand National in 1993. * The famous ‘Champion Natrix’ winning Marseille BICC National an incredible three years running. * 25x1st Nationals at middle/long distance events, 17x2nd National and 19x3rd National. * Kings Cup from Pau plus 12x1st Section NFC and 4x1st Open Midland NFC. * 1976-1984 alone he won a staggering 9x1st National, 6x2nd National and 7x3rd National. * Winner of the coveted British Marathon three years in a row. In this book I take a look at Jim’s life, his racing methods, his lofts and the infamous pigeons that made him a household name with descendants of his fine team still winning around the world today. A true gentleman and Icon of the sport.

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