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10 Years Later Celebrating a Decade of Devoting My Practice to Helping Families

It was the late 2000s and I found myself sitting at my computer late one night, desperately trying to find a solution. I had stumbled through the past few months with my law firm, never feeling like I was gaining traction. Some months were good; others were bad. But I was at a crossroads, and I needed a solution. It all began in 2007 when I lost my friend and law partner after a car accident. He was a good man, and I still miss him dearly. But he was also the marketing guy our firm leaned on. We had forged our own path together. I stuck my nose to the grindstone and churned out personal injury cases, and he was the genius when it came to acquiring those cases.

For the first few months, nothing happened.

But then more months rolled by, and we received more calls. I went from about eight active family law cases to 35. My firm and reputation were picking up traction, and the momentum continued

to build. I was steadfast in my belief that I was headed back to personal injury law, but the phones kept ringing with families who needed help finding peace and repairing their lives.

Without his guidance, I was lost, and that’s what prompted probably the lamest Google search I’ve ever done: lawyer marketing.

I was immediately directed to Ben Glass’s Great Legal Marketing program. At first, I thought the program was a hoax to convince lawyers who were desperate to shell out money. But there appeared to be some promise, and, honestly, I was desperate. After I put the money down, I attended a conference and was immediately excited and enthralled. I finally understood what my law partner was trying to do for years.

I can still remember when I realized I was onto something that could make a real difference. In January 2011, I landed eight new family law cases — the most cases I had ever gotten in one month. I knew it was time to bring in help and devote myself to this specialty. I gave my brother-in-law, Brandon Yost, a call, and I told him that if he ever got bored with the tax law, I had a place for him in Arizona. And that’s where we are today. It’s hard to believe a decade ago I was that stressed out attorney, sitting as his computer and worrying about what my next move was going to be. I worried that I would have to scrap the practice and return to a larger firm just to feed my young, growing family. Today, I get to do a job I love every day and help families. In the end, it wasn’t about being a personal injury attorney that attracted me to the job. It was about doing what was right and helping others find relief. I may be in a different practice now, but I’m fulfilling my passion and helping others every day. That’s all the stressed-out lawyer from a decade ago wanted.

And then I did nothing. (I know, not my greatest move.)

Still determined to be a personal injury attorney, I turned to family law cases to fill the gap. I needed some cash flow to stay afloat, and I could at least keep refining my legal skills for when the injury cases would finally and consistently come rolling in. In 2010, I was chatting with a friend of mine who had taught himself on website building. He had put together various sites for small-business owners, and I was immediately interested. I remembered what I had learned from my lame Google search, and I decided to give a website a shot. Instead of focusing on personal injury, I asked my friend to create a family law-based website. I wrote the content while he assembled the pieces into a fairly professional-looking site, especially for 2010.

Have a very happy New Year and a wonderful decade!

-Kevin Jensen



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