Boelter Companies Catalog

Product fulfillment services customized to you.

“How can I order products whenever I want to?”

“I want unique merchandise that fits my business.”

“We only need smaller branded product orders.”

Supply Chain Expertise Boelter evaluates current items for possible consolidation, quality and cost savings. We will also provide specialized items unique to you brand and offer customized reporting on important usage trends. Coast to Coast Coverage We offer nationwide shipment, with offices in Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Sacramento, Washington DC, Atlanta, Macon and Chattanooga.

Logistics and Delivery If possible, we will stage your entire new store orders into one shipment for cost savings. Boelter utilizes a color-coded system to make opening orders easy to receive. Our order fill rates exceed 98%. Internet Ordering With our fast and efficient online ordering system your team will be able to order products from a custom portfolio or our entire catalog 24/7.

Purchasing Power We will provide the best portfolio of products and services in the industry at affordable prices. As a member of the largest buying groups in foodservice, Boelter has the competitive advantage.

Equipment Boelter works with the nation’s leading

manufacturers, offering the latest innovations and excellent value while driving delivery and logistics expenditures down.

toll free 800 BOELTER • 262 523 6200

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