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A. Easy Tomato Slicer™ II Compact, portable and simple to use. The pretensioned cartridge blade assembly is safer and more convenient than ever. The blade set stays properly aligned and tightened without the need to adjust it. Features an ergonomic handle, Microban slide board, hand guards, self-lubricating track, rubber feet and table stop. Accommodates a large 4 1 / 2 '' dia. tomato. Item # Mfg # Description Pack 223769 566002 1/4'' Slice 1/ea 172950 5662 1/4'' Cartridge Blade Assembly 1/ea


B. Fasline Tomato Saber™ Perma-Tight™ disposable blade cartridge system eliminates the need for blade tightening or adjusting. Ergonomically designed contoured pusher handle carries tomato through blades instead of rolling it for perfect slicing every time. Tomato catcher reduces clean-up and improves food safety. Commercial grade aluminum cast base for added strength, weight and corrosion-resistance. Permanently lubricated Duralon bearings allow pusher and carrier assembly to effortlessly slide along polished stainless steel rods. Item # Mfg # Description Pack 9926 943A 3/16'' Slicer 1/ea 15561 943038A 3/16'' Slice, Replacement Blade Set Only 1/ea 57834 943041A 7/32'' Slice, Replacement Blade Set Only 1/ea


C. Redco® Insta Slice™ Tomato Slicer The only tomato slicer with a 16 blade slicing area. Pop-in, pop-out one-piece blade assembly. Aluminum hard anodized fingers are harder than stainless steel and corrosion resistant. Large table stop ensures machine stays in place. NSF listed. Item # Mfg # Description Pack 88156 15105 3/16'' Slice, Scalloped Blades 1/ea 114062 15115 3/16'' Blade Assembly, Scalloped 1/ea


D. Easy Wedger™ Save labor and cut perfect wedges every time. Easy Wedger cuts cleanly and precisely with stay-sharp stainless steel blades that minimize bruising. Works so fast, you can cut to order for the freshest selections possible. Built for years of reliable performance. Item # Mfg # Description Pack 11018 N555508 8 Cut 1/ea 85944 4288 8 Cut Replacement Blade Assembly 1/ea

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