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January 2020

SLMU Newsletter—Q.4 Issue

What’s new? Something which we think is impossible now, is not impossible in another decade. Lets welcome 2020 with a new spirit.

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GM’s Message

General Manager

René D. Egle



The ancient port of SUR

Sur is considered one of the most ancient cities of Oman. It was introduced as the meeting point across the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Omani Sea playing a vital role in forming a commercial business bridge between the Arabian Peninsula, India, South East Asia, and African Continent. Sur City port which is one of the oldest ports in the world played a very important role in forming the trade with more than one hundred and fifty sailing ships daily during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


Things To Do in Sur:

 Let's start with my favorite place to visit in Sur: you cannot miss the lighthouse!

Visit Bilad Sur Castle

Visit al Ayjah Fort

Visit Sunaysilah Fort

 Visit the old town of Sur in Oman

Interesting Facts About Oman

Did you KNOW?

Oman is one of the oldest human-inhabited places on the planet. It is said that humans have been living in the country for a least 106,000 years. The country is also the oldest independent state in the Arab world .

“ Mountain Dew” is the top selling beverage in Oman. The brand is the most popular and has been consistently ruling the carbonated soft drinks segment in Oman since its launch and is enjoyed in every occasion.

Oman has been called the “the best-kept secret in the world of birdwatching”. The country is the perfect spot for migratory birds to rest during their seasonal journey between their nesting habitats and the places where they spend winters, especially birds migrating from Europe and East Asia.

The Archaeological Sites of Bat, Al-Khutm and Al-Ayn are a group of Necropolises from the 3rd Millennium BC. In 1988, they were included in the World Heritage list by UNESCO. More than 100 tombs all shaped like beehives stand on the hilltops of Northern Oman. The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is the grandest mosque in Oman and was built from 300,000 tons of Indian sandstone. The construction took six years and four months to complete. The mosque covers a massive area of 416,000 sqm and can hold up to 20,000 worshippers.

Oman has one of the oldest market places in the world— The Mutrah Souq . The Souq is an intriguing market maze where one can find an eclectic range of products: from rare, one-of-a-kind vintage artifacts to high-quality frankincense, gold and precious jewels to funky, hand-made purses.

Reusable Water Bottle

In recent years, plastic pollution especially single-use plastics, has triggered widespread criticism and attention from governments, NGOs and the public. This has led to tighter regulations and more community action against plastics. Our guests and customers are also becoming more environmentally aware and they have placed high expectations of green practices on us as a hospitality company.

As a company, SLMU fully support initiatives that better integrate sustainability practices into our operations. In this regard, we have decided to start replacing the plastic water bottle with reusable water bottle container. This is part of our overall efforts to reduce plastic use from our operations. This is part of our overall efforts to reduce plastic use from our operations.


Ground water is being processed through Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System to be come drinkable and temperature control water.


There are 5 Water Fountains, all of them are located around Al Bandar beach and pools where the guests can go and refill the water.

Water Fountain

The amount of plastic we dump into our oceans each year could stretch halfway to Mars. Guests can purchase our reusable water bottle from Circles or Mokha Cafe. The price per bottle is 2 OMR.

Reusable Bottle


Omani Women's Day

Omani Women’s Day is a day to celebrate women, their power and ability to balance their life. Omani women are highly appreciated and encouraged to have equal opportunities and fair treatment. In light of this holidays, Shangri-La organized a special lunch to celebrate the hardworking local women and the example they set in being strong independent and inspiring women.

Omani National Day

The most important Holiday in Oman is the National Day on November 18. It is a time of the year where all the country comes together for one purpose and unites to celebrate that great day.. But what is an event without a Cake or 1 thousand cup- cakes. Shangri-La celebrated National day with guests and colleagues to remember the importance and essence of this beautiful country.


Our work place eventually becomes our home and our colleagues become our family. A place where many people spend time is the accommodation cafeteria and one of our projects this year was to renovate it. With the help of many the opening of the new Colleagues Restaurant was a success and it was inaugurated by both our previous GM (Mr. Doer) and our new GM (Mr. Egle)


A two day Sales Transformation Workshop was conducted by Lions & Gazelles for our Sales & Marketing and Reservations team where they managed to touch base on the new Sales techniques, the tricks to achieve higher targets and proper framework to build sustaining relationships. The session was full of enthusiasm, encouragement and a lot of engagement. Looking forward to see the results and the positive changes coming in 2020.

GDP Celebration GDP & Birthday Celebration G Birt ay Celebra WORLD FOOD D

Every year a competition takes place between the Hotels where each Hotel is given a budget and they have to race to gather the most amount of food in the least amount of time. Our Team managed to collect the most amount of money and all Hotels managed to give away 240 boxes of food to a local NGO called “Dar Al Ataa”


November Townhall

The GDP/ Town Hall that took place in November, was inspired by the Omani national Day. The theme, the decoration the food was all perfectly designed. It is on that day that we not only feel free as a country but celebrate our Nations peace, independence and traditions that make Oman a unique place to live in and visit. of Dishdasha, Abaya, Khanjar, Kuma Mussar and khanjar to the local food such as the Shuwa, our F&B went above and beyond to make everyone feel like they are not just Omani but a part of this hidden Arab Culture that has a lot to offer. From the local costumes



What better way to promote Breast Cancer Awareness during pink October than by having a Walkathon that not only stands with Women but encourages every female to get checked and focus on her health and to know that together we support each other.

As the climate around the world is changing and the environment is to be protected, Shangri-La has taken the initiative as part of sustainability to plant more trees to create a healthy and sustainable environment for our guests and colleagues.



Another CSR initiative done by our colleagues. We gathered to clean one of our beaches—Al Bandar. Together we put an effort to help with this activity after a cyclone hit our beaches.

Did anyone say Fun Run….move out of your offices, grab your running shoes and go out to catch some fresh air as Shangri-La’s team gets together and does a small marathon in the Hotel to promote health, wellness and fitness.

Global Hand Washing Day

Sparkle & Shine...Wash your hands every time!!

Bed Making Competition

A bed making competition took place in Oman Convention Center and what’s a competition without a winner. First Place goes to Rajesh Maharjan from Housekeeping—Al Waha.

Christmas Tree Decoration

Its the season of giving back and working as one. The Christmas Tree this year was decorated by our own colleagues. Together we took turns to create a masterpiece.

Christmas Turkey Carving

Christmas without Turkey is like Easter with no Bunny. Turkey Carving was done by our HOD’s on Christmas Day to celebrate this wonderful Holiday with all of our colleagues who are away from home and sharing this spirit with us.


Let’s Sparkle!!

It was a White Winter Dream, full of magic and sparkles. The 2019 Annual Colleagues party was held in December where the team created a wonderland for our colleagues to escape and have a magical night. As our tradition with Performances and fashion shows continues, the competition was tough, teams were practicing hard, choreographers were going crazy, but the end result was a stage that turned peoples heads around with the creativity, the passion, the dance and the extravagant flames that set the standards even higher than any other year. Let’s see what 2020 has hidden for us.

Ending the Year in Style!

The BBC Good Food Middle East Magazine award, known for celebrating the best restaurants in the region. In these awards, consumers and readers get to vote for their favourite restaurants, hotels and more. This award not only is the most prestigious in the region but it offers recognition solely based on costumers stamp of approval across different categories. We believe in giving and being the best. With that we congratulate our Team from Sultanah Restaurant for receiving the “Oman’s Restaurant of the Year Award” from BBC Good Food Middle East Magazine Awards 2019. Great job to all our F&B and Culinary team who were behind this great award… Keep it up!


Don’t wait for ‘PERFECT’ mom

Take the ‘MOMENT’ and ma


e it ‘PERFECT’.

‘Know what SPAR Then use the light to I

S the light in you. LUMINATE the world’

Oprah Winfrey

SLMU Vacancies & Referral Program

“Do you know a potential

candidates who has the

attitude to delight our



Kids Club Manager,

Sous Chef (Banquets)

Jr, Sous Chef

If you refer a:

You get:

Level 2

500 OMR

Chef de Partie (Western Cuisine)

Level 3

200 OMR

Front Desk Agent

Level 4

100 OMR

When you refer a potential & they are successful in

Level 5

50 OMR

their interviews, you will be rewarded after they

successfully complete their 6 months probation pe-


CVs can be sent to ayman.albalushi@shangri-la.com

or Brammanand.rajkumar@shangri-la.com

Ahlan Contributors Nali Rattanajit

Irene De Los Reyes

Stephanie Rashid

Janette Villacarlos

Asha Ambika

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