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Our ‘Ts and Cs’ are integral to our production process. They form part of our proposal and ensure clear agreement between you and us so that from the outset, we collectively move forward confident that the process we will undertake together will smoothly deliver the results you need.


1. Our standard day rate is £495 + VAT and this is the rate we use to calculate both the initial project costs and any additional work which arises. Our after hours and weekend rate is £740 + VAT. 2. Our standard terms are 50% payment up front with the remainder due on 14 day invoice upon work completion. However, for fast turnaround projects, we may require 100% payment up front. For projects above £5,000 + VAT in value, we may require multi-stage payments. 3. In order to ensure the production process runs smoothly and delivers on time and within budget, it is essential that key decision makers are involved in signing off at key stages of the work’s development. If they are not involved and later request changes which require us to revisit the decisions made at earlier stages, this would be outside of scope and may therefore need additional studio time resulting in additional fees and delays to delivery. 4. An efficient feedback process is crucial to the smooth running of the process. To ensure this, we issue 2 interim drafts plus a final draft for feedback from the project team during the development of each image and our proposal is based upon this approach. This requires that feedback be given in a focused and comprehensive way and at as early a stage as possible to ensure we can act upon the feedback before the final draft stage is reached. If significant comments are made late in the process these would be outside of the original scope and may therefore require additional studio time, resulting in additional fees and delayed delivery. 5. In order to ensure deadlines are met, we must receive information and feedback from the project team in a timely manner. External delays will affect timescales. As studio time is often already booked in for other projects, we may not be able to attend immediately to overruns and may need to schedule these for the next available free slot in our studio time, adding to delays. Where delays outside our control do affect production but deadlines do still need to be met, we may be able to carry out after hours work, bring in additional operatives or employ render farms to increase production and expedite the process, This would be an additional fee. 6. For fast turnaround projects, our costs are based on a fast and efficient development process which delivers quickly and effectively, but which must inevitably be limited in it’s opportunity for feedback and revision. This means that, should deadlines be moved back during the course of the project, the restrictions on feedback would still apply as a standard comprehensive feedback process is outside the original scope. If you would nevertheless like us to act upon comprehensive feedback during an expanded timescale, we would need to charge for this as additional work and studio time. 7. Our 3d models and imagery will be created to the design information we are given at project kickoff. If this information subsequently changes, either due to information we were not given at the start of the process, or due to changes to the design specification, this will require work additional to the original scope which may therefore require additional studio time and fees and may affect agreed deadlines. 8. All necessary photography for the project will be captured during a single day’s shoot unless otherwise stated. If unexpected site conditions, such as roadworks or event causing road closure, or ‘acts of god’ such as weather conditions, require us to return on another day, we will need to charge for the additional shoot. 9. If the project team have key criteria which the photography needs to meet, it is important that this is communicated to us in full before we proceed with the shoot. If these criteria are not made available and we need to return at a later date to fulfill them, we will need to charge for the additional shoot 10. If on visiting site to shoot photography, we find unexpected site conditions which necessitate work beyond the original scope in order to satisfactorily meet the brief, for instance significant retouching of the photography, we may need to charge additional fees and adjust delivery accordingly. 11. Our visuals are honed to the particular use for which they were commissioned. We therefore do not recommend using them outside of their original purpose, for instance in supporting a different phase of the construction process than the one for which they were originally intended, as they would not be honed to effectively meet a different set of objectives. We are of course able to refine images for different use cases and would provide you with a cost proposal for making the necessary amendments should this be required. 12. All still and moving images have a natural colour cast in the same way that photographs do. This will affect the appearance of materials within the image and is necessary for the materials to appear realistic within the context of the image. If the material does need to be displayed as if in a neutral pure white light, while this can be done, it may appear incorrect relative to its environment. 13. We hone our visuals for output from professional grade printers and for onscreen use. Due to the huge variability in quality in office and home printers, we cannot guarantee a high quality output from sub-professional equipment. 14. Once our work is finalised and outstanding invoices for the work have been settled, the paying client will be granted joint copyright, with Blink Image, on the finalised work. Any materials produced in the process of creating the finalised work, such as computer models or drafts issued, will remain the sole copyright and property of Blink Image Limited. 15. Blink Image should be credited prominently wherever our work is displayed. Please contact Blink Image for correct wording and logo. 16. If organisations other than the paying client require to use the work for their own purposes, they will need to obtain permission from Blink Image and may be required to purchase a royalty license for the work’s use. They will also be required to credit Blink Image Limited prominently wherever the work is used. Our visual materials are designed to be used in their entirety and must be fully displayed. If you do require to use part of an image, either as a crop or extraction, you must first obtain permission from Blink Image Limited. 17. We create our images at a standard horizontal dimension of 5,000 pixels. This is a pixel dimension which we have found to hold up visually at all the common sizes at which our images are typically reproduced from brochures to billboard use. If you do require larger image sizes, we must be informed of this requirement at the start of the project and may need to charge additionally due to the increaseed rendering and post-production time required to generate the work. 18. To keep project costs down, live communications with the project team are normally conducted via telephone call or Skype meeting (or equivalent). If physical meetings are requested, these may be charged at our standard studio rate plus travel expenses. 19. We reserve the right to use any visual materials we produce for our own marketing unless otherwise stated


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