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A Community Company Highlight Cardinal Investment Group’s Community Impact 600 South German Lane, Suite 102, Conway, AR 72034 • 501-354-4577

We love featuring companies that share our passion for serving our community. Gail Murdoch founded the Cardinal Investment Group in 2009 with the sole mission of helping clients reach their goals by growing and protecting their assets. Before founding Cardinal Investment Group, Gail worked with firms that only focused on investments. But Gail saw an opportunity to bring a holistic approach to finances in our neighborhood through detailed planning and investments. Cardinal’s core values — trust, protection, and success — emphasize their dedication to the community. Their transparency and focus on client interests lead to deep client trust; they protect assets through conservative choices, specific investment products, and a long- term investing philosophy; and their custom investment strategies create a successful path toward their clients’ goals. Their team of advisors also helps them stand out from the other financial firms in the community. Gail’s staff offers close to 100 years’ worth of experience in many areas of financial knowledge. When asked about company culture, Gail goes so far to say that it’s the most important element of their business. She has worked hard to foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork. At most other investment firms, staff members are often pitted against each other to

get results. And while it takes time to develop the kind of cooperation Cardinal emphasizes, it’s all worth it for Gail when she can tell his clients they can retire. Cardinal Investment Group has seen a tremendous amount of success; however, they did have a major pivot point in their journey. That pivot was when Gail co-founded Veritas Independent Partners. Veritas is Cardinal’s broker/dealer (B/D) and registered investment advisory firm (RIA). Cardinal previously used the services of an outside B/D and RIA. Bringing those services in-house helped them ensure that all the products and services that they need to take the best care of their clients are available. Cardinal’s primary focus is helping people who are approaching retirement or struggling with a sudden life event. They focus on these areas because, in those critical moments, little mistakes can make a big difference in a person’s lifetime income. For that same reason, they also offer services for companies looking to update and provide retirement plans for employees.

While only two staff members live in the area, they all call this community their second home. Several team members even belong to local civic organizations, including the Conway Kiwanis Club, Conway Optimists, and the Conway Chamber of Commerce. Cardinal Investment Group is dedicated to supporting this community in a variety of ways, and we hope you’ll seek them out for all your investment needs.

-Marcus Vaden

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