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February 2020

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SPRING IS NEAR Healthy Living This February

It’s February, the shortest month of the year. If you’re like me, you’re probably ready to move past the ice and snow. (Unless you’re an avid skier — I know who you are!) March 19 is the first day of spring, and if you’re tired of the dark and the cold, a trip South may be helpful! I have some patients who say, “See you in April, Doc!” However, for many, leaving for warmer weather may not be practical. So, let’s talk about some health issues to be aware of and a few strategies to get through the winter. As a young boy, I didn’t mind the snow and cold. Growing up in the “snow belt” (in Williamsport, Pennsylvania), we had a lot of snow all winter. We walked to school every day for what seemed like miles, even if it was only four blocks. We rarely had snow days. My chores included shoveling the sidewalk at home and building snow forts for my younger siblings. We got so cold that we couldn’t feel our hands or cheeks, but we resisted going inside because it was just too much fun. My mother would hang all the wet and snow crusted boots and clothes in the kitchen, get us changed into something flannel, and warm us up by a radiator with hot soup or cocoa. She knew just what to do with the six of us! Well, that was then. If you’re like me now, you may need some strategies other than trying to get warm in the sauna at the gym. First, there are some health issues to be aware of if you “just can’t get warm.” Make

you’re still eating healthy with lots of greens and other vegetables and healthy fats and proteins. Minimize snacking between meals and avoid sugar. Schedule regular exercise to increase your heart rate. If you’re not building snow forts or skiing, consider stationary biking or walking on the treadmill while watching beach videos. Just move your body! Get adjusted, as it stimulates nerves and improves circulation and immunity in addition to getting you out of pain, which also reduces stress.

sure you’re not anemic. This means you don’t have enough normal red blood cells to carry oxygen through your body. Also, you may be fatigued, look pale, or experience skipped heart beats. Hypothyroidism — too little hormone or too little conversion for use — can produce thinning hair, dry skin, fatigue, constipation, and resistant weight gain. It’s important to be checked for any of these symptoms. Blood vessel disorders, like Raynaud’s disease, can produce white or blue fingers with numbness. Neuropathy causes numbness in the hands or feet, and chiropractic care is very helpful to stimulate nerves in this case. Keep your nutrition weatherproof. A high nutrient, low carbohydrate keto eating plan with intermittent fasting is my preferred way of eating. If you don’t know how to do it, schedule a Nutrition Consultation with me and get a copy of the “Healthy Keto and Intermittent Fasting” booklet at the office. If you’re not following a keto diet, make sure

So remember, spring is near! Let’s get through February in good health!

In knowledge and health,

–Dr. Paul Braadt

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