Lyndall Brakes

Lyndall brake pads

1 Zero dust Your white walls and rims stay Clean and free of brake pad dust. 2 zero noise No annoying brake squeal. 3 zero drag No swelling or binding that occurs on sintered Brake pads. 4 cooler pads run 30% cooler than Sintered pads. 5 zero rotor Wear Will not scratch the surface of any disC. 6 More Stopping power 30% more than original equipment. 7 Smoother stopping with a linear torque curve. 8 Predictable performance For the life of the pad. 9 repeatable performance Any Road - any condition. 10 all Weather performance Hot, Cold, wet or dry. 11 Satisfaction guaranteed 100% unconditional.

23: IT’S BETTER With BOTH- The Ultimate Combination of Brake Pads and Rotors: Brake pad service life increases from 18,000 miles to With even more..... Predictable, Repeatable Performance and Control 50,000 miles.


REASONS WHY YOU WILL LOVE The Lyndall Braking System

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