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You’ve got a lot riding on your brakes. When you purchase Lyndall Brakes ™ , you can rest assured that you’ve invested in the finest brakes available. We believe there should be no compromise when it comes to your safety and enjoyment of your ride. Lyndall products represent years of race track experience and are inspired by a passion for excellence and innovation. Our technology is unrivaled; we have been setting the new benchmark in motorcycle brakes for 15 years. Our brake pads and rotors are built to the highest standards, with the most advanced, lightest, longest-lasting and best performing materials available. No dust. No noise. No drag. No measurable rotor wear. Giving you the highest braking control and better handling. With Lyndall Carbon-Kevlar Brakes and Lyndall Lug Drive™ Full Floating Composite Rotors, you can ride with confidence in knowing that you chosen the best - guaranteed! Lyndall Brakes | 2131 So. Hathaway, Santa Ana, CA 92705 | Email: © 2013 Lyndall Brakes™, Lyndall Racing Brakes™, Lyndall Lug Drive™ Full Floating Composite Rotors are registered trademarks of Lyndall Racing Brakes LLC. and are not to be used without permission. 1-800-400-9490

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