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June 2020

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Into the Garden

Our Quest to Become Urban Gardeners

On the first weekend in May, when it was finally warm enough to melt the snow and the sun graced us with its presence, Jeanelle and I found ourselves outside, ready to start bringing our garden to life. A couple years ago, I built a greenhouse from the ground up, but we hadn’t done anything with it yet. It was time to change that. We’re branching out, quite literally, with a full garden this year. We have planter boxes inside the greenhouse now, so we sealed them up and put pea gravel down. The next question was what to plant. Jeanelle decided on peas, green beans, potatoes, onions, radishes, spinach, lettuce, zucchini, cauliflower, and tomatoes. On the outside of the greenhouse, we’re growing raspberries. While it’s standing tall and sturdy now, this greenhouse has been a few attempts in the making. I built the first two out of aluminum frames with fiberglass, but the microbursts that came through in the fall destroyed them both. I think the third time was the charm — it’s lasted through two falls and winters now, so that seems like a good sign. With this one, I created a 10-by-12- foot metal frame and put plastic around it, finishing it in wood. We’ve got a sprinkler system set up with a fan inside, so now it’s a fully functional greenhouse!

wife. We get to spend time in the sunshine together, and I know we’re both reaping the mental and physical benefits. Gardening is a great, low-impact exercise that also helps you soak up plenty of vitamin D in the process. Digging in the dirt pulls us out of day-to-day stress and connects us to what’s right in front of us, courtesy of Mother Nature. We’re becoming greener thumbs as we jump into this and getting a little healthier while we’re at it. I’m excited to see the fruits of our labors. There’s a little peace of mind that comes from growing your own food. Sure, there’s some labor involved initially, but I know once we’re taking a bite out of that first tomato or enjoying fresh raspberry preserves, it will taste more than worth it.

We also added some chickens to our roost this spring, bringing our number up to 15 plus one rooster. Our chickens usually produce three eggs a day, and it’s enjoyable to pick up the eggs every morning just outside our house. I am really disappointed in the rooster, though — he hasn’t produced anything! What we’re looking forward to the most with this undertaking is having our own fresh, homegrown food. It always tastes better when you grow it yourself, doesn’t it? There’s nothing like tomatoes so juicy they drip down your chin when you bite into them — a little bit sweet and a little bit tangy. You just can’t get tomatoes like that from the store. In addition to all the fresh fruits and veggies we’ll get to enjoy this summer, this has been such a great experience to share with my

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