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To the publication showcasing the winners of the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise 2018

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The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Magazine would like to thank The Queen’s Awards Office, all of the 2018 Award winners, and the winners of previous years who have so kindly given their assistance in the preparation of this edition. The publisher is also most grateful for the contributions from: Theresa May, Prime Minister and Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England

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21 International Trade category award winners 69 Innovation category award winners 95 Sustainable Development category award winners 105 Promoting Opportunity (Through Social Mobility) category award winners 109 Award holders 2014-2017 129 Index of contributors

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PRESENTATIONS & CELEBRATIONS IMAGES TheQueen’sAwardsmagazine istheonlypublicationworking together with The Queen’s Awards Office to publicise and promote the Awards themselves and The Queen’s Awards Winners each year. We welcome submissions of Winners presentation photographs throughout the year for publication in the subsequent edition, and on our website These should be emailed to together with a suitable caption describing the event, and clearly naming the people pictured. A press release produced at the time would also normally be suitable guidance for captioning. Please ensure that all images supplied respect the rights and wishes of the copyright holder, especially if these were taken by independent photographers or supplied to you by news media.

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2018


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