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Company Description in the ‘List of Winners’ preceeding the section, for checking: Cocogreen – pioneers in superior quality, renewable coconut based planting substrates for the cultivation of high value and delicate edible crops globally Cocogreen UK Ltd Green technology organic substrate manufacturer and innovator, COCOGREEN, wins a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade.


Manchester-based Cocogreen UK Ltd is a global leader and pioneer in superior quality, renewable coconut-based planting substrates for the cultivation of high value and delicate edible crops. Oering the potential to boost yields and protability for farmers, these sustainable products are helping to reduce energy, nutrient and water usage. Founded in 2010 by Dr Sudesh Fernando and Thomas Ogden, this fast-growing, successful and sustainable green tech business is helping advance the traditional agricultural sector through innovation. Cocogreen is headquartered in the UK, and serves clients via its branch oces and operations in South Korea, southern Africa, Japan, USA, Spain, Portugal, Australia and Sri Lanka. By 2050 the world population is set to double, yet resources and conventional agricultural productivity are not increasing at the same rate. With limited land availability and increased value of land globally, growers face the challenge of producing more with less. By growing in a semi-protected or protected environment, growers can potentially treble yield and signicantly improve produce quality. Cocogreen substrates are helping growers overcome this challenge, particularly in regions where resources and land are limited, helping prevent deforestation while planting coconuts in Asia as sales grow. Agricultural irrigation accounts for 66% of total annual water use globally. The World Water Council estimates the world will require 17% more water than is available now to meet all its needs by 2020. Cocogreen substrates are playing a key role helping growers in many regions of the world

Cocogreen co-founders Dr Sudesh Fernando (left) and Thomas Ogden.

Increased sales are leading to plantation expansion - helping to counter deforestation.

reduce water use and maximise productivity using its organic certied, hi-tech substrates. Todays consumers expect to buy high quality produce at an attractive price with a good storage life and to know they are not contributing to environmental damage or social injustice. This makes growers, and their suppliers, responsible for ensuring total traceability throughout the supply chain. Cocogreen was the rst and remains the only coir supplier to oer full transparency from coconut plantation to delivery of the nished substrate. All in all, Cocogreen has helped set the standard in the global growing media substrate marketplace with accreditation in the quality (IS09001), sustainability (LEAF and ECOCERT Organic) and social (SA8000; presented by His Excellency The British High Commissioner, Sir John Rankin, in 2014), aspects of its businessacross all its vertically integrated business from plantations

to client. Rather than exporting a part-nished low value, low quality raw material from Sri Lanka, it exports a high quality, value-added product – a fair trade for the local economy, while also benetting high skilled jobs in the UK. Cocogreen’s quality growing media substrates are widely used by growers of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, citrus and other crops globally employing hi-tech hydroponic growing systems. Providing a sustainable alternative to traditional eld-grown crops and non-renewable substrates and farming methods, Cocogreen substrates enable crops to be grown using less land, chemicals and resources per kg of produce, as well as better working conditions for fruit pickers here in the UK and in export markets. Here in the UK, Cocogreen’s products are playing a signicant role helping berry growers increase supply and quality. When the company was founded, UK berries were available for just three months of the year − this has now been extended to ten; helping bolster an important UK sector and domestic supply. “The Queens Award for Enterprise in International Trade, will help secure more growth and jobs here in the UK and in much of the Commonwealth,” says managing director, Dr Sudesh Fernando. Cocogreen is excited to diversify its business into consumer retail − further global expansion, with an eye to expanding its product range − and invites anyone interested in green technology to make contact with the UK team. COCOGREEN UK LTD Lowry House, 17 Marble Street, Manchester M2 3AW Tel: +44 (0)161 2426852 • Z @coco_peat

Strawberries grown in Cocogreen substrate in hi-tech systems – helping reduce land, chemicals and resources usage.

Cocogreen high quality substrate promotes excellent rooting leading to high yields and Class 1 produce.

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2018


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