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Decoking and tube inspection in combined service Furnace tubes around the world are typically three to eight inches in diameter. By connecting a sophisticated water pumping machine, periodic cleaning is carried out, driving polymer-bodied scraper ‘pigs’ through tubing to incrementally scrape away coke built up on inner surfaces. To remove coke eectively and safely, Cokebusters’ scraper pigs have been designed to achieve an optimum combination of strength, durability and exibility.

COKEBUSTERS was established in 2005 by John Phipps, with the objective of oering specialist mechanical decoking services to oil reneries across the world. With 25 employees based in Hawarden, near Chester, it’s a small company, but one with an international presence. To meet demand in North America, Cokebusters USA Inc was established in Texas in 2013.

John Phipps, MBE, Cokebusters’ founder.

“Cokebusters is a cheesy name,” says John, “but it describes exactly what we do: we bust coke. “We’re very proud to receive this Queen’s Award; it is a special tribute to all our employees. Everyone in the company has contributed to our dynamic

Along the way, Cokebusters became a ‘metal-bashing’ manufacturer, designing and manufacturing its own machinery, all presented in British racing green. Factoring in maximum reliability, the company encourages employees to input ideas from their site experience, thus achieving consistent quality control, with each machine being an improvement on the last. John recalls a demand from a client back in 1997, which was “How do we know the tubes are clean?” leading him to nd a scientic answer, which was the staged patenting of ‘Merlin Inspection Technology’. The system depends on an electronic ‘pig’, similarly driven through tubes by water, but using ultrasound technology to internally scan the heater tubes, recording and identifying measurements and internal surface condition. Cokebusters is the only company in the world to oer mechanical decoking and tube inspection in one seamless service. From pre- qualication through to the site operation itself, all arrangements and management are straight- forward, given the obvious benets of dealing with a single company. COKEBUSTERS LTD The Armoury Building, Hawarden Aviation Park, Flint Road, Chester CH4 0GZ • Tel: +44 (0)1244 531 765 Fax: +44 (0)1244 538 357 •

growth in exports. We have men and women ying from the UK to renery sites around the world. It’s a big

eort which is much appreciated by our clients who see their problems solved with cost and time eciency. “When we export to our own premises in Texas, in turn our American colleagues there export onwards to Canada and Mexico. This award is a great big ‘well done’ to all our sta.” Closely supported by managing director Glen Gamble, John has 25 years’ experience in this specialist area. Cokebusters continuously invests in research and development, its team of talented and like-minded individuals constantly push against technological boundaries, with the simple aim of delivering the best service: to ensure clients’ renery furnaces are performing eciently and reliably. The buccaneering nature of foreign site works as an active operational sortie suits those who served with HM Forces, so the company has a lively and complementary mix of civilians and former military personnel.

Cokebusters is the only company in the world to oer mechanical decoking and tube inspection in one seamless service

The team gets on the road.

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2018


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