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2 018 QUEEN’S AWARD MAGAZINE We have produced the following editorial to the best of our understanding of your require- ments, and using the text & materials you have kindly supplied to us. Would you please care tions y t m can QU R AG Z W pr th f l i e it i l t f o r st ding f y q ire- , si g th t ial you h ve i l lie us. l y lea a

in the Index of Contributors If you have also ordered an enhanced entry to be placed in the Index of Contributors, then a proof of your logo is shown here on the right. Note that, for technical reasons, the size of entry in the printed product may vary slightly from that shown here. This option will also include your full contact details, as used on the editorial entry and proofed below here. If l l i I f i , f f l i i , f i l , i f i i li l f . i i i l l i l f l il , i i l f l . TRIO HEALTHCARE has received The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation, for a life-changing product that prevents abdominal stomas leaking. The company won the award for its breakthrough patented silicone technology, which has improved the lives of ostomates. Abdominal stomas are surgically Trio Healthcare Ltd .

in the Index of Contributors If y u have also ordered an enhanced entry to be placed in the Index of Contributors, then a proof of your logo is shown here on the right. Note that, for technical reasons, the size of entry in the printed product may vary slightly from that shown here. This opti n will also includ y ur full contact details, as used on the editorial entry and proofed below here. tlmNEXUS is known and trusted by many in the Ministry of Defence for its Resolve software, which helps to ensure the eciency, quality and safety of the majority of the aircraft types operating across the three services. Originally designed to support the Typhoon aircraft in the Royal Air Force, Resolve represents a signicant step forward in tlmNEXUS

Company Description in the ‘List of Winners’ preceeding the section, for checking: The Temporary Kitchen Company Manufacturer of domestic temporary kitchens and bathrooms which are installed in or on a homeowner’s property o pany escription in the ‘List of Winners’ preceeding the section, for checking: Trio Healthcare Ltd Designers of innovative adhesives for adominal stomas



The tlmNEXUS teamwon an Innovation award.

created intestinal openings which are a result of bowel or bladder diseases. All ostomates suer from leakage and damage to the skin, which dramatically impacts their social life and wellbeing. To combat this, Trio has developed a unique, secure adhesive known as Trio Responsive® Silicone, which surrounds the stoma, providing a skin-friendly seal while maintaining a secure connection. Lloyd Pearce, Trio’s Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to win such a prestigious award for our contribution to ostomy care. Due to the stigma associated with body waste and bag leakage, a person’s social life and well- being is dependent on the ostomy adhesive and bag’s performance.” TRIO HEALTHCARE LTD Missenden Abbey, London Road, Great Missenden, Bucks. HP16 0BD Tel: +44 (0)1756 700599 • • Lloyd Pearce, Trio’s Managing Director.

The TEMPORARY KITCHEN COMPANY was created in 2012 by husband and wife Stephen and Emma Trollope after they found themselves without the use of their kitchen, trying to cope with a young family. The Company’s range of unique and innovative domestic temporary kitchens mean customers can continue living in their own home after ood or re damage or during renovation work. Before the Temporary Kitchen Company’s entry into the insurance market three years ago, the only option insurers could oer was relocation to a hotel or rented accommodation, often for many weeks. Not only is this extremely costly, but there is also the signicant disruption to family life due to additional commuting to work and schools, pets having to go into care, and so on. The Company’s four products, a kitchen, a Pop-Up Capsule kitchen (which can be located anywhere inside a property), a bathroom and a specially adapted bathroom for disabled use, are delivered and installed by their specialist service team. Stephen said: “It is a huge honour to be recognised by this highly prestigious business award. We were convinced that our idea was a game changer, and receiving this award shows we were not alone in this belief. We have revolutionised the alternative accommodation market and our success is due to both our continued investment in our people plus our ongoing product development.” Emma said: “We are so proud of what everyone associated with The Temporary Kitchen Company has achieved. “We have created a market that did not previously exist and which delivers a win-win situation. It helps signicantly reduce the disruption to people’s lives, and there is an enormous cost saving to the UK insurance industry. “Our products and service mean that we are seeing customer satisfaction levels of more than 99 percent,” added Emma. The Temporary Kitchen Company the management of safety, through-life engineering and airworthiness assessment. The system provides an auditable trail of information and shares data securely between the MOD and its suppliers. To further realise these benets, the system is being developed to address similar requirements for both the land and sea environments. Building on this success, tlmNEXUS plans to expand into associated sectors requiring Resolve’s issue management capability for other long-term, complex projects. The company has also developed valuable software foundations that similarly link all collaborators involved in other aspects of long-term projects: requirements management, budgeting and investment appraisals and operational quality feedback. The company is honoured to receive the Queen’s Award for Innovation as a mark of recognition for its achievements. TLMNEXUS TelecomHouse, 125-135 Preston Road, Brighton BN1 6AF • Tel: +44 (0)845 677 4480 F tlmNEXUS Ltd

Stephen and Emma Trollope, co-founders and directors.

The Temporary Kitchen Company is based in Chester and manufactures in Deeside. THE TEMPORARY KITCHEN COMPANY Unit 15, Deeside Industrial Estate, Deeside, CH5 2NY • Tel: +44 (0)1244 888299 Z @TempKitchenCo n The Temporary Kitchen Company Ltd F The Temporary Kitchen Company

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