The Queen's Awards Magazine 2018


Always forward-facing, the Queen’s Awards have constantly evolved and changed to better reflect UK industry and business development. To this end, a new award category was introduced in 1993, under the heading Environmental Achievement. This new award reflected the growing awareness of man’s impact on the environment and how manufacturing and processing operations could take steps to reduce their carbon footprint both locally and globally. In 2001 this award was updated to better reflect how businesses were tackling their environmental impact through the development of positive strategies to encourage new, less damaging, ways of doing business: it was renamed Sustainable Development. While this remains one of the smaller awards categories, the achievements made by the companies involved are hugely beneficial and demonstrate how business and sustainability can go hand-in-hand. There were eight winners in the Sustainable Development category for 2018. The general eligibility criteria for The Queen’s Awards can be found on the website awards-for-enterprise/eligibility. There are further, additional criteria that must be met

to ensure eligibility for the Sustainable Development category. You must either:

l Show how your outstanding sustainable development practices have helped to improve your commercial performance over two years; or l Show how your continuous sustainable development practices have helped to improve your commercial performance over five years. Your achievements should be in one of the following categories:

l Invention, design or production of goods;

l Performance of services;

l Marketing and distribution;

l After-sale support of goods or services; or

l Management of resources or relationships with people and other organisations.

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