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A Team You Can Trust This Thanksgiving, I’m Grateful to Have My Clients’ Confidence

November is a month for reflection. Every Thanksgiving, I take time to look back over the last year of my life and consider what I’m thankful for, and this year, my family, staff, and clients top the list. When it comes to family, I’mgrateful that my children are healthy and that I’ve always had their support throughmy journey at Mike Lombardi & Associates. They regularly sacrifice their time with me so I can focus on helpingmy clients, and I look at that as a real gift. Similarly, I’m thankful for my own health, which has affordedme the energy and ability to work tirelessly onmy cases, never settling for anything less than the best possible outcome.

clients’best interests inmind. I domy best to let them know howmuch I appreciate them each day, but I try to give back a bit more come Thanksgiving by closing down the office on Black Friday to give themmore time with their families. Before I opened Mike Lombardi & Associates, I worked at a firmwere every member of staff was required to go in on that Friday, and it always left a sour taste inmy mouth. I swore that when I had my name on the wall, I’d do things differently, and I’ve found that by givingmy staff that extra break, they come back to the office happy, energized, and ready to tackle their cases. Perhaps more than anything else, though, this month I’m feeling thankful for my clients and the trust and confidence they have inme. Often, they’re coming tome for help at the most difficult times in their lives, and I’mgrateful to be able to take that stress and worry off of their shoulders and fight on their behalf. Sometimes it’s difficult for clients to put their cases inmy hands and trust me to do what’s best, but when they have confidence inmy knowledge, experience, and legal acumen, it pays off. Take the mediation process. Mediation can be a very effective tool to resolve a case before trial, but it’s a long, multistep ordeal that requires persistence, patience, and faith in your attorney. Waiting out the process can be frustrating, but I’m lucky to have clients who see the wisdom in doing so. Recently, I helped a client win a massive settlement in a dog bite case by usingmediation to our benefit. My client was attacked by a dog while making a delivery on the dog owner’s property, and the dog bite crushed the nerves in his wrist so badly that it required surgery. The dog owner argued that he was immune from liability under Rhode Island’s so-called“Dog Bite Statute,”and claimed he had

My staff, too, have helpedmake that mission a reality. They work hard and always have the

no reason to believe his dog was dangerous. However, after a bit of digging, my team found out that the dog had bitten another person on that same property in the past. Thanks to that smoking gun, we were able to winmy client the $73,000 in compensation that he deserved for his pain, suffering, andmedical expenses. That settlement took time, but the ultimate outcome was worth the wait. If you’re dealing with a similar injury or accident yourself, don’t hesitate to call Mike Lombardi & Associates. You can trust us to fight on your behalf and win you the justice you deserve.

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