Dulwich Despatch Christmas 2015

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The cloaked Dracula Naps in the dark shadows of caves Solitary Like a lost tomb Clinging on the cave ceiling Blending into the cape of darkness The living shadow awakes

Its jet-black pearls of eye Masking itself in the cold, conscious, close night The scaly, leaf-like wing unfolding its umbrella Out from the cave, the flittermouse danced Whirling and swirling, dodging and towering Nature’s whistle blowing smoothly On its fluttering fingers The soaring, fleshless mammal Smirking, revealing its crystal-white swords She commences her solo piece She sings Singing with such melody, such She sings Her voice the distinguished sound from heaven Dinner of mosquitoes and moths Skimming across the water The reflection of her vanishes from the living shadow harmony, such tempo, such beauty A joy of happiness sprung On the savage, snouted face

The sweet, comforting dark envelops the sky, Smothering the brightness. The black bat awakens, Clinging to his rafter. Dagger-like fangs hang from a wolf-like face, Penetrating eyes shine like black pearls, Skeletal arms flap, Sharp cries pierce the air like spears. He spirals into the night, Adorned in elegance. He plucks moths in his claws, Skimming across the shimmering water, Absorbing the black, Feasting on snack after snack. A flitting shadow in the moonlight The dark knight. Swift bat flying stealthily, Fluttering through the dark in perfect symmetry. Prancing, dancing, looping, swooping Soaring through the sky His black cape whirls. The bat is gone.

Carrier of diseases Drinker of blood Companion of demons Fertiliser of Plants

The bat goes to sleep

William Sachs 8E

Janoshan Manoharan, 8E

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