Dulwich Despatch Christmas 2015

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Joke’s On You!! - Winter Jokes

1. What’s an ig? A snow house without a loo! 2. What kind of maths do snowy owls like? Owlgebra. 3. What are snowman’s favourite letters? I, C. 4. Why did Frosty the Snowman want a divorce? Because he thought his wife was a flake. 5. If you live in an igloo, what’s bad about global warming? No privacy. 6. What happened when an icicle hit a snowman on the head? It knocked him out cold 7. How many letters are there in the Christmas alphabet? 25: there is “no L” 8. How did Scrooge score a goal? The Ghost of Christmas passed. 9. What did Santa say to the smoker? Please stop, it’s bad for me elf! 10. What did Adam say on the 24th of December? It’s Christmas Eve!

Yuki Suter, Yash Wickremasinge, and Osman Tevfik, 7R

YouTube Guide

YouTube has been around for a long time and with something so big there are always going to be people good at it. People who do: Vlogs How to do’s Pranks Social Experiments and many more.

My favourites are the Pranks. I like them because they have funny reactions and sometimes the people go crazy and start attacking the pranksters. Some good Pranksters are: FouseyTube Romanatwood Whealth By Simon Pranksters TwinzTV etc… These are some of the best pranksters and have many subscribers and views. Romanatwood has a total of 12280312 subscribers over his 2 channels and FouseyTube has a total of 9565130 subscribers over 2 channels.

YouTube Rewind 2015 is now active for all the very best of YouTube in the last year

Ed Brilliant, 8R

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