The Inkwell: Mar | April 2019

March/April 2019


2. BE SPECIFIC This one ties into sincerity, but even sincere feedback can be a little vague. Make sure your compliment praises specific actions and behaviors rather than general personality traits. 3. BE HUMBLE Strong leaders understand that teaching and learning go hand- in-hand. They know that there is always room for growth and that there is so much to learn from their team. The next time you practice gratitude, express how your team has helped you grow as a leader. Maybe they’ve helped you improve your listening skills or taught you skills for giving feedback.

Life is full of challenges, and because we spend a big chunk of our lives at work, chances are a few of those challenges revolve around your workplace. What roles can you play in creating a positive work environment? One way is by expressing gratitude in the workplace. The definition of gratitude is “the quality of being thankful,” and “possessing readiness to show appreciation.” Below are three ways to practice gratitude and help foster a positive work environment: 1. PRACTICE SINCERITY When expressing gratitude, it’s important to provide an honest and meaningful compliment. This helps the person on the receiving end lower their guard and develop trust, which is a key factor in employee satisfaction.

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