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2. BE SPECIFIC This one ties into sincerity, but even sincere feedback can be a little vague. Make sure your compliment praises specific actions and behaviors rather than general personality traits. 3. BE HUMBLE Strong leaders understand that teaching and learning go hand- in-hand. They know that there is always room for growth and that there is so much to learn from their team. The next time you practice gratitude, express how your team has helped you grow as a leader. Maybe they’ve helped you improve your listening skills or taught you skills for giving feedback.

Life is full of challenges, and because we spend a big chunk of our lives at work, chances are a few of those challenges revolve around your workplace. What roles can you play in creating a positive work environment? One way is by expressing gratitude in the workplace. The definition of gratitude is “the quality of being thankful,” and “possessing readiness to show appreciation.” Below are three ways to practice gratitude and help foster a positive work environment: 1. PRACTICE SINCERITY When expressing gratitude, it’s important to provide an honest and meaningful compliment. This helps the person on the receiving end lower their guard and develop trust, which is a key factor in employee satisfaction.

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Anne-Banks Blackwell shows off her new Tennessee license plate

“I will NEVER...”


A few months ago, my daughter got a new driver’s license and tag for her car in Tennessee. A couple of years earlier after she had graduated from Ole Miss, she moved to Dallas, and real life hit her fast. Getting her Texas driver’s license and tag proved to be very difficult. The DMV was 30 min away, and it took multiple trips to have all her info on hand. She called home crying while in line more than once. Tennessee was her second round, and she was more prepared. However, it was still a big hassle. After she received her newest license and tag, she sent me a text that read – “I will NEVER change states again.” I laughed and responded saying, “Never is a long time.” It got me thinking about all the things I said I would never do. It seems we are always so sure about things when we are young. And then, the older we get, the more flexible (or wise) we become. Some “I will never” things I remember: “I will never get a job using my degree…” I was a Chemistry major at Auburn. I originally started in pre-med/ chemistry. After a few years, my grades were just mediocre and I had also lost the desire to be a doctor. But, I liked the sciences and changing majors at that point was going to put me back a couple of years. So, I just finished in chemistry. And what was the first job I got out of school? It was working in a research lab at UAB using all my chemistry knowledge and conducting experiments. I hated it and quit after 6 months; I have not done any chemistry since. “I will never have a child with a double name…” Double names are a Southern thing. My mom’s name is Tommie- Ruth, and I have an Aunt Martha-Jean, cousin Mary-Beth, and had a girlfriend in college named Gini-Beth. I was surrounded by double names, and I thought it was crazy. My very first niece was even Mary-Cam. Then along comes our first child. So, what did we name her? Anne-Banks…of

course. Though I did manage to only have 1 out of 4 children end up with a double name! “I will never work in sales…” For some reason, I had this distorted view of a salesman when I was growing up. I thought I wouldn’t want to have a job doing that. Not long after I got married, my father-in-law asked me if I wanted to come work at Walker Printing. I told him I knew nothing about printing and knew I did not want to sell. He said that was fine, but to come and see if I could find a position I liked…and if not, I could go do something else. I came and started in production work, floating from department to department until I could stand it no longer. It only took six months…I was bored. So, we decided to move me upfront and just try out sales. And I never looked back. As it turned out, I loved sales and was good at it…go figure. I loved the challenge, the flexibility to be in and out of the office, meeting new people, and seeing how other companies operate. It was fun! I did nothing but sales for the next 15 years and came to realize that nothing in business happens until someone makes a sale. “I will never have an inside dog…” We always had a dog growing up, and he lived and stayed outside. My dad always said, “I didn’t build my house so a dog could live in it.” I pretty much adopted that view. Then after I got married, my in-laws had an inside/outside dog that lived with them, and it was terrible. The dog would shed everywhere and made the house smell like a dog; one of their vehicles stunk so badly, you could hardly ride in it. Of course, they were oblivious to it all. That only confirmed my belief that dogs should be outside and only outside. In our family, we have had some great dogs over the last 27 years (really 4 were great, and 1 we just had a tough relationship with.) When you were growing up or when you have children, there is usually that one dog that all the memories revolve around. That dog for us was Tucker, a great big bloodhound. He loved us and we loved him. He was an outside dog. The year our last child

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went off to college, Tucker died. All the children were gone and now we were also without a dog. My wife really wanted an inside dog; I still did not. But, wives can be persuasive and persistent. She said she had found the perfect inside dog and she convinced me. So, we became “Doodle” people. We now have Humphrey…. a non-shedding, non-smelling (really!) Golden- Doodle. He even gets in the bed with us…sigh. But…I have put my foot down that he has to sleep on the floor! “I will never send one of my children off to school…” I always heard about parents who sent their children off to school and thought, “how could they do that?”. Well, now I know. My middle son, Mason, was an exceptional tennis player – in the top USTA age bracket, ranked #1 in Alabama, and was in the top 50 in the Southern region (7states). And he wanted to pursue it for college. The only way to have a shot at that was full-time tennis every day, and the best place to do that is in Florida. It was difficult for us, but we ended up sending him to Sanchez Tennis Academy in Naples, Florida for a year. Remember that Garth Brooks country song, “I thank God for unanswered prayers”? Part of the chorus goes like this: sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers remember when you’re talkin’ to the man upstairs that just because he doesn’t answer doesn’t mean he don’t care some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers I think of those lyrics when I think about the many things I said I would never do. Some of the best things in my life have happened because I said I would “never” do them.

at WORK Perpetual Traffic Podcast by DigitalMarketer – hosts Ralph Burns and Molly Pittman tackle some of marketing professionals’ biggest struggles and hang ups, while also sharing fresh tactics on cutting- edge strategies that have helped countless companies implement online growth plans. The weekly interview- style podcast will keep you engaged with topics ranging from how to work with agencies, PPC best practices, and upcoming trends in the industry.

What have you said “never” to? Maybe it was, “I will never love you again” or “I will never forgive you”…”I will never take that job” or “I will never live there…” I will never ________? You just don’t ever know what or who is going to come along and change your Never. Never say Never, Taylor

Taylor and Cammie Blackwell pictured with their inside dog, Humphrey

on the go iNaturalist – do you ever find yourself racking your brain to recall the name of the plant or butterfly you saw on your last morning walk? iNaturalist is a fun, community-forum style app that helps you identify plants, insects, and animals in your area. By researching and sharing your own local observations, you also contribute to the growth of quality data for scientists working to better understand and protect nature. Find it in the App or Google Play Store, it’s free!

at HOME What Every BODY Is Saying by Joe Navarro – an ex-FBI agent spills secrets on body language and non-verbal communication in this fascinating analysis read. Navarro explains how to decode people nearly instantaneously with numerous examples from his field work, and he provides tips on how your own body language is being interpreted by friends and colleagues.

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Here we are in the first quarter of 2019, and yet it seems like we are still hearing about Ransomware, Cyber- Security threats, and GDPR. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? We don’t think so. With the advance in technology we believe that there will be higher level threats that are able to learn and adapt to our safety measures. So what are we getting at? Not only should the cyber-security for your business be at the top of your mind, but so should the cyber- security of the vendors you partner with. If your vendor is compromised, you are responsible. It is as simple as that. So how are you supposed to keep track of your safety and the safety of your vendors? That task may seem daunting, but it is actually pretty easy if you do your research upfront. If you are in the process of looking for a vendor partner, be sure to ask about their certifications. Are they at least HITRUST certified? Or better yet, SOC-2 certified? If not, move on and continue your search elsewhere. Cybercriminals have found new and extremely lucrative targets: vendors of healthcare, government, and financial sectors. Why these

“If you are in the process of looking for a vendor partner, be sure to ask about their certifications. Are they at least HiTrust certified? Or better yet, SOC-2 certified? If not, move on and continue your search elsewhere.”

Ever struggled with finding a customer/client gift? Or better yet, tired of giving generic, mundane gifts that don’t have any sentiment attached? Memory Road’s nostalgic, year-themed KardLets are the remedy. Whatever the occasion, KardLets usher in and foster those feelings of nostalgia. It is the “ultimate conversation starter” that bridges the gap from impersonal to personal gift-giving. One of the financial industry’s top veterans, Nick Murray , says that  “ It was probably the most powerful, most appreciated thing I regularly send out .” A gift recipient said,  “It was the only card I will never throw away.” Visit to check them out!

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Pronounced "sock two" and more formally known as Service Organization Control 2,  reports on various organizational controls related to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality or privacy. The standard for regulating these five issues was formed under the AICPA Trust Services Principles and Criteria.

The Health Information Trust Alliance, or HITRUST, is a privately held company located in the United States that, in collaboration with healthcare, technology and information security leaders, has established a Common Security Framework (CSF) that can be used by all organizations that create, access, store or exchange sensitive and/or regulated data. The CSF includes a prescriptive set of controls that seek to harmonize the requirements of multiple regulations and standards.

three? People will do anything to protect this extremely confidential information, and often times that means if a business in that sector has a breach, many of its patrons leave in fear that their information could be next. If we are speaking strictly on cost savings, partnering with vendors who are able to properly secure your information saves you money at the signing of your contract. Did you know that companies in these sectors spend about 64% more on marketing and advertising after a breach? These costs are associated with efforts to repair the businesses image and minimize customer loss to competitors. Do you have 64% more to spend on advertising by chancing the lower level vendor to save (or not) a few bucks every month? If you are like 99% of businesses, your answer is no. Avoid spending more money, losing customers, and losing the trust of your employees. Invest in better data security and put your mind at ease this year. You’ll sleep better knowing that your company is safe and sound in the arms of your certified vendors.

“Cybercriminals have found new and extremely lucrative targets: vendors of healthcare, government, and financial sectors. Why these three?”

Non-Profit Posters At Walker360, we believe in utilizing our resources to help serve our community. We are thrilled to announce that we will be serving non-profits by providing 50 free posters to help promote performances and events. Details: • 50 free 12x18 full color posters • Digitally printed • One free order per yearly quarter • Non-profit must submit a print-ready pdf – no proofing or changes CALL YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE TO PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY!


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HOW TO KEEP THE CREATIVE, CREATIVE In our saturated, highly connected world, one would think inspiration is as endless as the Internet. So why do recent marketers continue to struggle with new and creative work? Part of the answer lies in the question. The overwhelming amount of research and competing ideas can make

way of communicating that involves a type of content you’ve never created. Maybe it’s an ebook, webinar, printed lookbook, or landing page. Working with a new challenge can get your creativity flowing in ways you may not expect, and taking a chance on something original is a brilliant way to open up new opportunities for your marketing. Don’t put the cart before the horse – sometimes being creative isn’t enough for an idea to succeed. If you feel like you’re constantly spinning your wheels without getting anywhere creatively, is there a chance your marketing goal needs to be refined? By creating something before having sound strategies, vision, and benchmark goals, it will be increasingly hard for the creative to be useful and effective. We love using audience personas to inform certain creative, as well as using wire frames, maps, and creative briefs to define each item on the marketing calendar. Build a team – in offices where you can take advantage of having other smart, savvy people around to brainstorm with on these challenges, do it. The necessity of teams and collaboration cannot be overstated. Working with team members each contributing their own strengths and feedback can help ideas grow into well-rounded, solid strategies. If you, on the other hand, are the keeper of creativity, make sure you’re not missing out on ways to connect with other marketers in your city. Attend conferences, make time for local chapter luncheons, and check out any other events that are happening where you can spend time with like-minded marketers who are eager to workshop ideas.

marketing professionals feel burned out or as if every new idea has already been done by someone else before them. This coupled with a frequently overloaded workday of events, webinars, emails, meetings, proofing, approvals, vendor communication, and writing can stifle some into believing there’s just no time to let your mind wander. But never fear! Below, we’re outlining some fresh takes on how you can keep on creating without the constant struggle. Keep reading – read anything you can get your hands on when it comes to business and non-business genres, and be sure not to isolate yourself or put your head in the sand when it comes to creative work. Find some industry players that you admire and ones that add value to your daily grind; by opening up room for out-of-the-box ideas, you leave space for inspiration. Focus on your values – does your company have a mission statement or core values that drive its business practices? Take the time to invest in these core values as a way of reaching new audiences and staying engaged with your current customers by creating a web series or event around what you stand for as a partner in business. Play around with new content – email campaigns lost their luster? If you are bored by your marketing, chances are your audience is too. Try experimenting with a different

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Getting Started: Content Marketing

presence. As consumers, we don’t want to be sold; we want to be informed. The link between marketing and research known as content marketing is having big impacts on the digital landscape for brands, as it’s more important than ever for a business to learn how to incorporate this approach into its overall marketing strategy. 

With a loud, resounding sigh, recall the last time you had an unwelcome pop-up ad distract or invade your online research. The in-your-face display couldn’t be exited from fast enough! Eager ploys at gaining prospects’ attention (against their will) are one of the top complaints customers list when asked what they dislike about a brand’s advertising efforts or website

The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as: a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. 

offer. Its intended purpose is to increase interest by answering a user’s search query or helping solve a problem.  By placing free, relevant content in front of prospects, the knowledge feels noninvasive: more like a helping hand, less like a clinched fist. Content marketing creates a dialogue between a business and a customer, forming conversations that ideally, lead to a larger community. When done consistently, content marketing can also help build credibility within a marketplace to increase perceived authority and trust.  One final thought — working diligently to create content that is useful and valuable to your audience, in turn, creates an educated buyer: one who will ultimately return the favor in the form of repeat business, loyalty, and referrals.  If you’re feeling inspired and want to brainstorm a content marketing strategy with our Walker360 team, send us an email at 

In short, content marketing makes your brand seem human. It meets people at the self-research stage of the Internet and provides value in the form of answers.  A content marketing strategy starts with defining a prospect audience and digging deep to understand their needs. An easy way to do this may be profiling your current customer database and surveying those individuals to figure out what type of content they enjoy receiving from your company. From there, compare your Google Analytics traffic to determine top pages or posts, popular topics or SEO keywords, and average time spent on page. Lastly, researching common search queries around topics related to your business is a great way to determine SEO framework and content naming.  Next is the content creation. Content marketing can take the form of videos, blogs, an online resource center, digital articles, social media posts, infographics, cheat sheets, and FAQs. The key difference to keep in mind with content marketing is that it never explicitly promotes a brand, sells a product, or makes an


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CASE STUDY: HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION OF ALABAMA (HBAA) CHALLENGE –   Our client was tired of their tabloid-size

newspaper and wanted to give it a complete facelift to showcase their members’ work. They wanted to produce a publication that would not only deliver important association and industry news to their members, but also serve as a powerful public relations tool for promoting their association and members.  SOLUTION –  Instead of doing an ordinary glossy, standard-size magazine similar to other publications, Home Builders collaborated with Walker360 to develop an oversized 9x13 magazine with a foldout on a matte finish paper. This abnormal size and texture are not only eye-catching and different from other publications, but also provide a long shelf life as customers keep it on their coffee tables.  BENEFIT AND OBSERVATION –  The Alabama Homebuilder Magazine has become a great vehicle for showing off the beautiful and innovative new construction and remodeling work that their members do throughout the state. The piece extends its typical reach, and is given to the featured builders to use as marketing pieces. In 2013 and 2017, Alabama Homebuilder Magazine was recognized with the Association Achievement Award presented by the National Association of Home Builders for Best State Publication. 

“In 2013 and again in 2017, Alabama Homebuilder magazine was recognized with the Association Achievement Award presented by the National Association of Home Builders for Best State Publication. To be recognized on the national level is a great honor and we are very proud of these awards. Our members are very proud of this publication as well and love to see their work featured. In addition to pleasing our members, the magazine has been a hit with our advertisers. We’ve seen a substantial increase in ad revenue since the redesign and have attracted more “major” national brand advertisers. We frequently receive cold calls from ad agencies and advertisers inquiring about the magazine. Having such a graphically appealing magazine and one that is so different from other publications means that our advertisers get more exposure, which is a win for everyone.”

– Lisa Watkins, Public Relations Director

You may not know about our in-house agency, Fifth Advertising, est. 2010, but we hope this serves as an introduction into some of our capabilities outside of the printing world. If you’d like to know more, email Haley Bridges and she’ll get back with you! It’s 

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An entertainmentarea,diningarea andoutdoorkitchenmake the covered porch theperfectplace to relaxand enjoy the views surrounding thehome.

Built in theWillowBranch community ofChelsea, the Ideal Homewas the centerpiece for the GBAHB’s 2017Parade ofHomes.

Meet the Modern FARMHoUSE

painted brick, board and batten, cedar beams and stone patios. Inside, architectural details such as the 12-foot coffered ceiling in the family room and a vaultedceiling in thedining roomadd to thegrandeur of the home, while shiplap, custom bookshelves, dark 7-inch wire scraped hardwood flooring and a barn door leading to the laundry room add to the warm and cozy farmhouse feel. The kitchen offers all the amenities a chef could want, including a GE Café Appliance selection with gas cooktop and built-in oven, a state of the art Keurig refrigerator, Monarch cabinets and a waterfall-wrapped silestone island more than nine feet long.Themain level also includes a study/office and a spacious master suite with a vaulted tray ceiling and sitting nook. The master bath features a freestanding tub and a two-person shower. Upstairs there are plenty of bedrooms for kids and guests as well as aTV loft/lounge area.

one of the home’s most stunning features is the 16- foot glass Western sliding door that opens up to expand the family room into the covered patio. It brings the outdoors in and creates additional living space that can be enjoyed year round. The patio features an outdoor kitchen with a built-in Coyote gas grill and refrigerator and a large outdoor dining area. Adding to the “modern” side ofModern Farmhouse is the use of the Nexia Smart Home system, which incorporates a fully functional smart home with unique features that can communicate with the owners’ smart phone anywhere in the world. Cameras, lighting, door locks, garage doors, and HVAC can all be monitored and controlled via smart phone.

W hat happens when you blend classic Southern hospitality with the latest building trends and materials? The result is the 2017 Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders Ideal Home. Built in the Willow Branch community of Chelsea by Scotch Homes & LandDevelopmentGroup, Inc., the 3,400 square foot home boasts five bedrooms, four and a half baths, and a host of design details inside and out that add up to the style that owners Wayne and Stefani Scotch refer to as “Modern Farmhouse”.

“It was a pretty smooth project overall,” said Stefani Scotch. “The most challenging thing was just making sure that we were not overlooking any detail that complimented the theme of the Modern Farmhouse that we were looking to achieve. Ensuring that even down to the rosette on the stair part flowed with the clean lines of the traditional meets modern look, we didn’twant to leave one stone unturned.”

Since its showing in this spring’s Parade, the Ideal Home has become the permanent Willow Branch model and design center for Scotch Homes, but the

Sitting on a ridge that offers views in every direction, the home’s farmhouse-style exterior is accented by




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Commonalities for Mail That Gets Opened and Read

headers to emphasize key takeaways, bullet points to organize, and pull quotes for calls to action. These details should work together to tell a story and build an emotional connection with the audience. Testimonials or a case study is a great place to begin building that story. Presentation and Design – Amplify your message with images and design; an infographic is a great way to showcase information in a visual format, and beautiful design helps your piece stand out in the crowded stack of mail. A well-placed photo can even emphasize an emotion you’re wanting to convey in your copy. In addition to design elements, think outside the (mail)box when it comes to material and sizing. We love features like soft-touch laminating, oversized self-mailers, and clear polybags. You can even show off that healthy database list in your design by incorporating VDP. Variable Data Printing allows for individualized creations tailored to each recipient in your mail list. Adding a personalized touch to the design sparks interest and communicates to the consumer in a one-on-one way that feels special. If you want an easy way to remember these tips, try memorizing the FLOP method. FL – Fantastic List O – Offer P – Presentation Remember FLOP, and your direct mail piece won’t be a flop! If you’d like to talk more about your next direct mail piece or have questions on how to target the right prospective audience, send us an email at

The ins and outs of direct mail can become confusing and overwhelming — indicias, postal classifications, standard sizing, tabbing vs. non- tabbing, etc. — but we see a few commonalities in all successful direct mail campaigns that hopefully can help focus your efforts where they’re most impactful. These suggestions apply whether you’re looking to reach out to new prospects or stay engaged in your retention efforts with customers. Healthy Data – The most persuasive mailpiece can’t convert if it isn’t reaching the right people, so commit to keeping your database updated. This task instantly saves you money in postage and ensures that you have the highest possibly delivery rate. If you’re targeting a brand-new audience, ask yourself if this audience is a good fit for the project or offer. For example, if you’re an in-home contractor looking to offer a discounted service on home A/C units, you can limit your audience to verified homeowners and homes that are of a certain age, eliminating renters and new homes, and increasing the likelihood that your audience would need A/C service. Additional selections for consumer prospect lists include things like household income, children, new movers, buying activity, technology preferences, and vehicle type. Offer or Promotion – No matter what form of media you choose, your audience is still busy, overwhelmed, and impatient. Keep this in mind when you’re choosing an offer by making sure your content is direct and to the point of the matter. Draw your reader in with key benefits and keep their attention with supporting copy. And make sure you’re speaking to your audience in a language that makes sense to them. Overcomplications and wordiness get trashed; instead, use

Information for this issue of The Inkwell has been pulled from the following sources: Content Marketing Institute. (2019). What is Content Marketing?. content-marketing/

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Davis, J. (2019). Hospitals Spend 64% More on Advertising After a Data Breach. Health IT Security. https://healthitsecurity. com/news/hospitals-spend-64-more-on-advertising-after-a- data-breach

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1300 The first use of wooden type is used inChina

1440 German Johannes Gutenberg inventsmoveable type

618a.c. The first printing is done inChina

After the invention of the press, very few industries have undergone asmuch fundamental, technological changes as the printing industry. Knowledge becamemore available and ideas spread around the world. Here is a timeline breakdown of its evolution:

1457 The first color printing is done by Fust and Schoeffer

1476 WilliamCaxton using aGutenberg printing press produces the first book printed in English

1455 Gutenberg prints the first book by anyone in the world; he prints a Latin Bible

1559 Pope Paul IV issues the Index of Forbidden Books, which lists books the Catholic Church considers dangerous tomorals

1605 Miguel de Cervantes publishes the first part of Don Quixote. It would go on to become the second best-selling book in history, behind the Bible

1639 The pressmakes its way to the American colonies as StephenDaye prints The Freeman’sOath in Cambridge, MA

1663 The earliest example of magazines was ErbaulicheMonaths Unterredungen, a literary and philosophymagazine, launched inGermany.

1731 TheGentleman’sMagazine, considered the first general- interest magazine, is published in England

1808 Hipolito Jose da Costa Furtado deMandonca creates, in London, Correio Brasiliense, the first Brazilian newspaper

1819 Rotary printing press is invented byNapier

1796 GermanAloys Senefelder develops lithography, a method of image transfer that produces high-quality printed images

1846 Cylinder press is invented. It can print 8,000 sheets per hour, which allows publishers to increase circulation

1851 TheNewYork Times releases its first issue, selling for a penny per copy

1857 Work begins on the First Edition of theOxford English Dictionary

1877 Thomas Edison invents the phonograph. The first recording was his recital of MaryHad a Little Lamb, marking the birth of the “talking book”

1886 Linotype composingmachine is invented byOttmarMergenthaler. This is regarded as the greatest advance in printing since the development of moveable type 400 years earlier

1892 The 4-color rotary press is invented

1917 The first Pulitzer Prizes are awarded

1904 WilliamMorris establishes the Kelmscott Press to improve the quality of book printing. Offset lithography becomes common printingmethod

1907 Commercial silk screening invented

1920s More than 2,000 daily newspapers are in circulation

1923 Timemagazine debuts

1925 The first issue of TheNewYorker is released

1935 Penguin Books is founded by Sir Allen Lane and starts to sell its inexpensive paperbacks in high street stores

1928 Work on the First Edition of theOxford English Dictionary is complete and published in a set of ten bound volumes. All hand set type. 227, 779,589 characters. The greatest printing project in history

1932 TimesNew Roman font debuts

1994 Chain bookstores outsell independent stores for the first time in history

1998 Number

1980s With the computerization of newspaper companies, all stages of production transition to be digitized. Texts are drafted in desktop publishing

1950s and 60s Typesetting is introduced in newspapers and magazines. Texts and pictures are produced on glossy paper, assembled by hand, and photographed. Television contributed to the decrease in the number of papers

of printing companies reaches an all time high of 58,000

2000s Digital printing revolutionizes the printing industry again, as on-demand printing becomes available

2007 Harry Potter and theDeathlyHallows breaks records by selling 8.3million copies on its first day in the US.

2016 Number of print titles skyrockets to all time high.

2019 Inkjet printing stands ready to revolutionize the print world once again

Sources:,,,, Ribbonfish


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Hi again! These spring months are always so full of positive and productive energy. I hope you’re making time to enjoy the warm weekends, and I hope to see you soon!

As a locally owned business for over seventy years, Walker360 is proud to spotlight Alabama-based nonprofits doing vital and important work.  YMCA of Greater Montgomery actively serves our local community by committing to the improvement of youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Their wide variety of programs and services create supportive and inclusive environments, helping to nurture kids and fueling their potential for the future. The Y’s dedication to its community is founded on five core values of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Caring, and Faith. Some of the organization’s programs include childcare, adult fitness, youth camps and sports, and senior programs. The YMCA’s cause-driven mission believes a strong community can only be achieved when we invest in our kids, our health, and our neighbors. With multiple locations across Montgomery and the River Region, the YMCA is able to serve and reach out to the least of these with love and compassion, strengthening the foundations of our city. How you can help - Every year, over 400 volunteers and staff members actively serve the community through YMCA’s Annual Support Campaign. This campaign raises the dollars needed to ensure that everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, faith, ability, income, or background has the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive. This financial assistance to the Y directly helps kids and families in our community reach their full potential. 100% of all donations go to providing life-changing experiences that will have a meaningful, enduring impact right here in Montgomery. SERVING OUR STATE This newsletter was printed especially for you through variable printing. Each issue is unique, from the individual customer’s name, to their Salesperson and Customer Service Representative.

Ask us how you can “WOW” your customers by sending personalized pieces. No extra run time!

Donations can be made online at: To learn more, email Lara Lewis at or call 334.269.4362.

The YMCA of Greater Montgomery is transforming lives this spring as they kick off their annual campaign where they’re working towards a goal of raising just over $1.2 million. Pictured is Optimus Prime, Annual Campaign Chairman Larry Chapman; Carrie Mason; and Bumblebee, YMCA of Greater Montgomery President and CEO, Gary A. Cobbs. / /

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