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Increasing solar portfolio to 5.5MW by 2026 ECD wins DOE Award to launch next phase of affordable housing solar power project S ILVER SPRING, MD — Enterprise Com- munity Develop- buildings while generating savings that have been used to fund resident services.

Community Solar, the prize is designed to fast-track the efforts of new, emerging, and expanding solar developers and co-developers to learn, participate, and grow their op- erations to support community solar projects. The award will help launch the third phase of ECD’s solar program in Maryland where the organization is plan- ning to install a minimum of 2.2MW on the rooftop of 17- to-25 properties. Once placed in service, this community solar program will provide over 1,600 low-to-moderate

households in Maryland with a discount of 20 percent or more on their electricity bills. The program will also include battery storage components for energy resilience and workforce development op- portunities for the residents of Enterprise’s communities. This work builds upon the first two phases of Enter- prise’s community solar pro- gram. Phase one, which was completed in 2019, installed 1.1MW of solar facilities across 12 properties in Wash- ington, DC and demonstrably reduced energy costs in these

in Enterprise communities recently graduated from its Solar Installer Workforce Training Program. This innovative new workforce development program pro- vides intensive hands-on training in solar installation and was created in partner- ship with Prospect Solar, Greenscape Energy Ltd, and the FH Faunteroy Com- munity Enrichment Center. The graduates of this pro- gram are now being hired for solar installer positions in the Washington, DC area. “The residents of our commu- nities want to save money and conserve energy. Our commu- nity solar program provides an easy and effective way for them to achieve those goals,” said Christine Madigan , interim president of Enterprise Com- munity Development. “Resi- dential energy use accounts for 20 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions across the country, so it is essential we find solutions like this one that are scal- able, effective, and available to people of all income levels. Enterprise is committed to bringing the benefits of renewal energy and resilient building to the 23,000 residents across the Mid-Atlantic who call our communities home.” For nearly two decades, En- terprise Community Partners has been a leader in climate- ready homes and communi- ties. In 2004, the organization launched Enterprise Green Communities, which remains the only national green build- ing program created with and for the affordable housing sec- tor. Today, 31 states and Wash - ington, DC promote or require Green Communities certifica - tion through their Low-Income Housing Tax Credit programs, and 10,000 homes are certified each year. In 2023, as part its clean energy development strategic goal, ECD joined the DOE’s Better Climate Challenge and committed to reduce portfolio- wide greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50% within 10 years and to work with DOE and partners to share success- ful solutions and decarboniza- tion strategies. This commit- ment is being pursued through installation of rooftop and car- port solar, and energy efficiency measures across our new hous- ing development efforts as well as in our existing 114 affordable housing communities. MAREJ

Enterprise expects to com- plete phase two, a four-prop- erty, 2.2MW community so- lar project (including rooftop and carports) in Washing- ton, DC by summer 2024. As part of this initiative, Enterprise is collaborating with Neighborhood Sun to enroll residents of 12 DC properties into a community solar program and provide them with 25 percent en- ergy bill discounts. Addition- ally, nine residents living

ment (ECD) has won a $50,000 prize from the De- partment of Energy’s (DOE) Com- munity Pow- er Accelera- tor. Awarded as part of the

Christine Madigan

second round of the Ameri- can-Made Community Power Accelerator Prize: Accessing Capital to Deploy Equitable


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