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Shelly Coffman


I can’t believe it’s almost the end of 2017! It seems, only a few short months ago, that it was November 2016, when the time-space continuum split into our current parallel universe! ;-) It would be easy to look back and think, “Burn this dumpster fire!” But I have a lot to be thankful for this year. My daughter had a pretty significant spinal injury in January this year. We had SO many doctors appointments and surgical recommendations, followed by a tremendous spike in anxiety for my daughter and general angst and irritation for me. Through persistence, knowledge, and research, we started her in PT and made some great progress (which was a surprise only to the MDs). She has been doing well enough to avoid surgery for now — and hopefully forever. We keep her home exercise program going with rewards. It has made me think that all our patients should have the Pavlovian rewards for doing home exercise! I also started interviewing for a PT position in December of 2016. I’m just a little particular when it comes to hiring, and I rely on my interview process and spidey sense to find someone that I think has the skill, aptitude, personality, and empathy to plug them into our team and help

them provide exceptional care. I interviewed ALL year and talked to some really nice people, and, for various reasons, none of them were right. Then, I received an email from Scott Puracchio. He hadn’t even seen my PT ad. He just had looked up our info and thought we were the kind of clinic where he might like to work. Much to my delight, it was evident Scott was going to be that right fit. I’m grateful to expand our team with more phenomenal people that will work together to take great care of patients. Through all this misery, I have been thankful for a lot of really wonderful people in my life who have helped support me through these challenges, including my incredibly supportive work family. It’s a challenge to helm the ship and be distracted by big stuff. These folks made that possible. This year was hard, and everything worked out because it always does. Small movement toward big things still gets you where you want to go. Whenever you feel like you are stuck in the middle of misery, take some action. f you don’t take a step toward something better, you won’t get there, but if you do, you’re that much closer. -Shelly Coffman

P repared for the W orst Are You Ready for a Natural Disaster?

In recent months, the United States suffered a flurry of deadly disasters. Hurricane Harvey battered the Gulf of Mexico and left Houston, Texas, flooded. Less than two weeks later, Hurricane Irma devastated the Caribbean and the eastern U.S. In early September, 76 massive wildfires blazed across the western United States. Flames destroyed homes, while the smoke resulted in hazardous air quality across entire states. Around the same time, a 5.3 magnitude earthquake rattled southeastern Idaho. People could feel the quake almost 200 miles away in Salt Lake City, Utah! The property damage from the disasters this fall alone is astronomical, and the loss of human life has been devastating. As such disasters become more commonplace, here are some basic steps you can take to protect yourself and your family in the event of a major crisis. FLOOD The American Red Cross reports floods are more frequent, and more costly, than any other natural disaster in the United States.

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