Memory Care America - April 2020

Sharing Your Stories Irving Seager Continues to Amaze at Memory Care of Little Rock

where he served from 1950 to 1953. He met Betty George Seager while at a church conference in Arkansas, and the couple was married on Oct. 29, 1956. Irving would eventually become a high school biology teacher and help Betty raise two daughters. He taught students until he was 70 years old, but long before then, his reputation as a handy, helpful, and kind man had been cemented.

“He’s just an amazing, amazing man,” Karen says. “My dad never gave up on me, never spanked us, and never put us down.”

Irving has called Memory Care of Little Rock his home for the past three years, when he and Betty moved into the community together. Betty had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and Irving had lost his short-term memory as the result of a stroke. Betty has since passed away. Karen visits her father every day. “It’s hard for me, but he sleeps, and then the next day it’s a whole new ball game. He’ll say, ‘I haven’t seen you in a long time …’ But [Memory Care of Little Rock] are doing the best they can.” Today, Irving and Karen can’t physically be together, due to protective measures taken by Memory Care America to limit the effects of COVID-19. However, Karen swings by her father’s window when the weather is nice. She sings him a tune, and he follows along with his violin. When everything returns to normal, Karen hopes she and Irving can return to their regular Thursday show slot, performing for the Memory Care of Little Rock community. It’s just another way Karen says she feels connected with her father and knows he’s in a good place. “I know he’s safe. I know he’s well taken care of,” Karen says. “I know they really care about him.”

Karen Seager Curley never knew her father, Irving Seager, could play the violin by ear— until a stroke brought up old memories from when he was 12 years old and learning to play. It’s just one of many ways Karen has found she can connect with her father, despite dementia causing his short-term memory to become almost nonexistent. Born in 1929, Irving has lived a life worth remembering. Upon college graduation, Irving was drafted into the Korean War,

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