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May 2020


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Thank You, Mom!

Being Raised by a Strong, Intelligent Woman

W hen you’re a kid, you never realize just how much your mom makes an impact on your life. I feel very privileged — and I only very recently realized this — to have had a mom who was a strong woman in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) field. In fact, I’ve been lucky to have been raised by a strong woman and have many strong women in my life today. My mom, Kris, was a mechanical engineer for a long time, and she filled many different roles within product management, pricing, and more. My maternal grandmother was a teacher who earned a graduate degree during a time when women were expected to only be homemakers. As a child, I was never fully aware of how incredible it was that my grandma and my mom were in the fields that they were in and how much success they had there. They fought back against a society that told them they couldn’t do it, and they set an incredible example for my family. Growing up, my mom was always encouraging us to be the best we could be. She was strong, and to this day, she’s a major influence in my life. She set rules and expectations for us, and that helped shape me into who I am today. We were held to a high standard, and that’s what kept me motivated. I’ve always been interested in the sciences and math, and I like to think that comes from my mom’s influence. Today, we sometimes make comparisons about our respective jobs, and she understands the mechanical issues and pitfalls that I occasionally run into while helping a patient heal. I can bounce “I can bounce ideas offher, and no matter what she’s doing, howbusy she is, or what time of the day it is, mymom makes herself available to listen and offer her perspective. She nevermakes me feel like I’mbeing a burden.”

ideas off her, and no matter what she’s doing, how busy she is, or what time of the day it is, my mom makes herself available to listen and offer her perspective. She never makes me feel like I’m being a burden. She listens, and it’s been so helpful as I’ve grown in my physical therapy career. It’s been so great to share this experience with her. As kids, I’m sure we all took our moms for granted, but today, I’m proud to be my mom’s son. I often look fondly back on our traditions and memories together. In fact, to this day, it doesn’t feel like a holiday without her famous baked mac and cheese! This dish has the perfect amount of cheese and crispy breadcrumbs on top. It is the side dish that puts all meals over the edge; there isn’t a meal it doesn’t make better! In all seriousness, as we approach Mother’s Day, I can’t help but think about how much my mom means to me. I hope to spend the day showing her how much I appreciate her and letting her know how her support helps me each day. To be raised by such a strong woman is something I don’t take lightly. She helped me become who I am today, simply by being an amazing woman and mom.

Thank you for everything you have done, Mom. I love you!

–Dr. Jeremy Beaver


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