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December 2018

Closing Out 2018 on a High Note

I t’s easy during the Christmas season for your focus to shift away from what’s really important. They call it the season of giving, but even the best of us tend to get fixated on what we want to receive for the holiday. For instance, my kids desperately want an Xbox (especially my son). They aren’t getting one. I’ve taken a firm anti-video-game stance since they were little kids, and I’m sticking to it. I figure there are enough distractions on the supercomputers they already have in their pockets; another reason to stay inside and veg out is the last thing they need. I’m probably biased, though. Growing up, my brothers played games, but I completely sucked at them. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons I’m so physically active and interested in the outdoors today — and so far, that’s been the case with the kids! But even with the inevitable frenzy for presents, Christmas can be a deeply meaningful time. In our household, it’s pretty mellow, another excuse to take a couple days off and just hang out with one another. It’s a small thing, but it’s important to all of us. Growing up, our Christmastime was pretty standard, but when we visited my cousins around Los Angeles, we’d get to spend New Year’s with them. Most years, we’d make our way down Colorado

driving by them, looking at all the colorful characters letting their freak flags fly. I remember one time, my family and I were driving down the street — I must have been 11 — and a bunch of people actually grabbed onto the car and started rocking it back and forth. I don’t know how wild your New Year’s parties tend to get, but hopefully they’re nothing like a zombie apocalypse. As we close out 2018, I feel lucky to be able to say that I’m feeling pretty content in nearly every avenue of life — even though I haven’t yet figured out my wife’s present at the time of writing this (don’t tell!). The clinic is bigger and better than ever, my kids are doing great in school, and I’m so proud of the life we have built over the years. When I look around at all the wonderful people in my life, it’s tough to imagine wanting much more. I’m happy with just the long weekend — having a few moments to come together and reflect.

Street in Pasadena, where they do the Rose Parade. People would be camped up and down the side of the road, losing their minds while they reserved their spots for the parade the next day. We always enjoyed

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–Julian Manrique

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