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April 2020


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CONGRATS, AMANDA AND SEAN! Starting 2020With aWedding

Have you ever been part of a wedding that had a rehearsal dinner after- party? After hosting one for my eldest daughter and her husband this past January, I can say I have! My daughter, Amanda, and her husband, Sean, were married on Jan. 4 at The Inn on Vint Hill in Virginia. The venue is a former secret base for the U.S. Army during the Cold War, and the house itself dates back to the 1860s. It served as a family home, and later, after its services as a base were no longer needed, it became an officers’ club. Today, Vint Hill hosts weddings and events and even has something for those who want to try their hand at its escape room. It was the perfect backdrop for Sean and Amanda. Sean served as an active Marine, and he now serves as a reservist Marine and in March earned his master’s in business. With its rich military history, Vint Hill was the perfect spot for the two of them to get married. And since the wedding was just weeks after Christmas, the venue was decorated beautifully with greenery and festive pieces. In addition to seeing my eldest daughter get married, I also played the role of proud grandpa. My two precious granddaughters were very prominent in the wedding. Penelope was wheeled down the aisle in a wagon, while her oldest sister, Louisa, stole every chance she could to pose for photos. We couldn’t snap a picture without her wanting to jump in there. And if there’s one thing the Jelinek family loves, it’s dancing! We did not leave the dance floor all night! It may not have been pretty, but we had sure had fun. Throughout the planning process, I knew Amanda wanted to make sure her family and Sean’s family could come together and celebrate. Most of Sean’s family still resides in his home state, Washington, so Amanda wanted the entire event to be an opportunity for the two families to

connect and share in this special experience.

So, we hosted a dinner party at our home after the rehearsal. We invited the wedding party for dinner first, and then shortly after, Sean’s family and those who traveled a great distance also joined us. It was very relaxing and laid

back. Everyone felt comfortable together, and I could tell Amanda was very happy to see everyone mingling and having a good time.

We also repeated our gesture the day after the wedding, opening our home for brunch to those who had to catch flights and go home the following day. It was the culmination of a great four-day high! Amanda and Sean were both very appreciative of the gestures from their families, and it was great to know they had a day filled with great memories. I know I will always look back on this weekend and smile. It’s special to see your daughter marry the person they love, and now that both of my daughters are married and starting these new chapters of their lives, I can’t help but be proud of each of them. I see life a little differently now, and I cherish the memories we have made together.

Congratulations, again, Amanda and Sean!

– H. Charles Jelinek, Jr., DDS


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www.Nor thernVi rg ini aDent a l . com


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