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January, 2017

DeSoto City Lights

A Publication of the City of DeSoto Community Relations Department

The Center for Digital Government (CDG) announced recently that the City of DeSoto is one of 10 ciƟes naƟonwide in the under 75,000 populaƟon category being recognized for using technology to improve ciƟzen services, enhance transparency and encourage ciƟzen engagement. “This year’s top digital ciƟes are using technology to ensure ciƟzens can meaningfully interact with city government more easily than in any other Ɵme in history,” said Todd Sander, execuƟve director of the Center for Digital Government. “From open data portals to enhanced connecƟvity and mobile plaƞorms, this year’s top‐ranked ciƟes are acƟvely promoƟng transparency, encouraging ciƟzen parƟcipaƟon and making it easier for people to do business with government. CongratulaƟons to the winners!” The City of DeSoto Information Technology Department is Recognized by the 2016 Digital Cities Survey

This year the survey honors ciƟes in five populaƟon classificaƟons: 500,000 or more; 250,000 to 499,999; 125,000 to 249,999; 75,000 to 124, 999 and fewer than 75,000. DeSoto placed sixth out the ten ciƟes in the fewer than 75,000 populaƟon category. The City of DeSoto has made great strides to improve the way our residents interact with their city’s government. “DeSoto’s Digital CiƟes award is made possible by an organizaƟon‐wide culture of innovaƟon and creaƟvity,” said Tom Figert, Director of InformaƟon Technology for the City of DeSoto. “We are the first city in our populaƟon category in the state since 2011 to receive this award. I’m very proud of the IT staff, the technical acumen of colleagues in other departments, and the expert guidance of our vendor partners. Together, we’re culƟvaƟng an environment of efficiency and producƟvity, expert support, and transparency that we think will serve our ciƟzens well in the years to come.” DeSoto was recognized for making strides in its transparency and Web presence that any large city would be envious of. Beginning with fiscal transparency, city officials have released a spending portal, making it simple for residents to idenƟfy exactly where their taxes go. DeSoto has been awarded for its commitment to transparency by the state comptroller, who designated the city a PlaƟnum Member in 2014. “Over the past six years, our ulƟmate goal has been to create an unprecedented level of financial transparency and technology that will significantly improve processes in an effort to enhance our public services,” said DeSoto City Manager Tarron Richardson, Ph.D. “I am extremely proud of the hard work, due diligence and dedicaƟon of our IT Department for conƟnuously pursuing the latest and greatest innovaƟons in technology which enabled our City to achieve this presƟgious award. “ In addiƟon to its commitment to transparency, DeSoto has taken the Ɵme and exerted the effort to provide many digital services online. One of the most innovaƟve ways this has been realized is through its municipal e‐court system. Since July, all citaƟons issued to residents were accompanied by a QR code, which led the users to a virtual courtroom

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